New Mod for my GOSM (Jerky Machine)

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by s2k9k, Apr 21, 2012.

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    My smoker has always ran hot. When I got it I could not get it below 250* so i installed a needle valve and put sand in the pan and I could maintain 225* easy but the lowest I could get it was 188*. This week I started thinking about making jerky in it but after reading a thousand posts about jerky I found out I needed a constant 120* up to 160* and knew I couldn't do it with my smoker the way it was. Last night I tried using charcoal and with 6 briquet's and 1 small chunk of hickory it held steady at 120* for 45 minutes so I knew that would work and I could up the temp by adding a few more briquet's but I didn't want to have to babysit it and light more charcoal every 45 minutes for hours. Then it hit me, my gas grill has a side burner that I never use so I measured it and it was 2.5" and the burner in my smoker is 3.5", hmmmmm. So today I put the side burner in the GOSM and it held right at 149*-151* for over 2 hours. Then I opened the needle valve a little and it went to 223* and held that for a half hour and didn't budge, so I think I'm in business. My plan is to smoke the jerky with charcoal at 120* for as long as it lasts then continue to dry with propane slowly increasing to 160*. I know this is a boring thread but I am so happy I got it to do what I want it to! Here's a pic of it (I just set the old burner in there for a size comparison, it's a little misleading because the old one is closer to the camera):

  2. Awesome job Dave!  [​IMG]
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    Great job!Thumbs Up
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    Thanks Michael and Michael!

    Tonight I smoked a 27oz T-Bone (reverse sear) and when I pulled if off I turned the gas down and it went down to 135* and held steady there, it took awhile for the sand to cool off though. So I think I'm ready for some jerky, I have 4.75# of beef sliced and marinating in the fridge right now. 

    Oh and in case your wondering about that T-Bone, here's a little peek at it:


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