new MES40 best upgrade to do?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tlamott, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. tlamott

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    just bought a MES40 going to get it seasoned and start going on it.  Ive seen most people on here have bought the a-maze-n pellet rack for the smoker seems like a good idea to me.  But also seen a lot of people making a cold smoker out of a mail box.  is that used just for fish and cheese and that sort of stuff or is the cold smoker used for everything?  I guess it would get hot enough if you have the main smoker on for heat only.   Im guessing making one with the a-maze-n is better than the cold smoker that Masterbuilt sells right?

    Thanks for any tips.  Been reading a lot of info on here so far.
  2. chipmanbbq

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    I did the mailbox mod for cold smoking summer sausage and snack sticks. Also, I believe you'll get a "cleaner" smoke with the mailbox mod.

    That being said, I have seen a lot of people just put their AMZ directly into their MES for hot smoking and it works just fine.

    I'm sure someone else can chime in on the masterbuilt cold smoker attachment. I was on the fence between the MCS and the mailbox mod and ended up going with the mailbox but can't seem to remember why I went that route. :p
  3. cmayna

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    Welcome to SMF.  I use the mailbox mod mainly for hot smoking fish in my MES40.  I'm able to change wood flavors during the smoke without having to open the door of the MES.   I use it also as a cold smoker for cheese & butter with the MES's heat source turned off. 

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