New MES30 Temp problem

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mat04tsm, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. UPS man droped off my new MES30 yesterday. Put it togeather last night, and picked up some chips this morning. All set to season it. Set temp at 275, time 3hr. All seemed ok so on the tractor to mow lawn.

    Just about lunch post man shows up with new Maverick ET-732. Quick dip in ice water 40deg both probes. Boiling water both at 212. Out to the garage, and drop the BBQ probe in the vent hole. Holy S**t Temp in box at 325!! Double checked maverick all ok. On the phone to Masterbuilt. They will send out new control panel in a week or two. i don't wont to wait that long to get smoking!  So I lowered the MES temp to 220, and opened the door to cool it off. Once the smoker cooled to about 230 i droped probe back in. Now it reads about +10 deg over what smoker is set at. Played around with temp, and chips for about 1/2 hour. Still off by 5-10 deg. Depends on were the probe is in the smoker. Will still put new control panel on when it comes. just wondering if any one else has had this problem?

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    Mine is 10°+ too.

    Trust your Maverick, not the MES Probe

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    I had the same issue, I received the new control panel but I'm not really sure if that fixed the problem. I haven't felt good enough to smoke anything for awhile, but hope to tomorrow. I'll have to take good notes and see if it really helps. I picked up a chimney for it tonight at Menards, (a 3" elbow) that may make a difference as well. I hear it does well for the amnps, as it creates better draft. So lots to check out. But I was getting temp differences of well over 40 degrees.
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    I would keep the controller you have, not many MES guys can get their rig up to 325. Perfect for chicken.

    As long as you have a Mav, and know the box temp your perfect.
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    I'm with Al:

    My MES 40 coasts to over 300˚ sometimes, but as long as I know what it really is, I love it.

    If mine would only go up to an accurate 250˚ I would be on the phone with Masterbuilt.

    But if mine was going to 325˚ (accurately measured"), I'd be a Happy Bear.

  7. Thanks guys,

    Got the new controler the other day. will put it on some time next week. Masterbuilt didn't ask for the old one back. so i've got an extra.

    Cant beat the maverick. Did a great job on salmon. ribs this week!!

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