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  1. I know I'll get varied answers on here and I welcome all. I want to ask before Christmas about how I should go about smoking a Turkey breast on my new MES.The book that come with it does not tell temp,time vent position ect. I thank you and my family thank you.

  2. Button

    For turkey breast the time will depend on if it is boneless or bone in. I prefer bone in. With our MES the top vent should be wide open for everything. For any poultry set it at 275° which is the max for a MES. That is not high enough for crispy skin. Some people will move it to a grill or oven 325°+ for the last few minutes to crispy up the skin. I us a AMNPS for smoke. Regardless of how you get smoke I prefer a lot of smoke so I apply smoke the whole time. Dry the skin real well before and don't use butter or oil on the skin. You can rub the skin and get under the skin. It helps a lot to brine for at least 12 hours.

    Happy smoken.


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