New MES smoker design.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ahakohda, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Sorry if repost just stumble upon it @ Cabela's

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  2. werdwolf

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    ? where's the top vent
  3. dward51

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    Unless it is in the back side at the top it does not look to be vented.  I know someone noted earlier the round chip loader cover had a cutout in it (you can see it in the photo below), so it may draw air in through the bottom or drain and out the chip loader for the chips.  I would think the smoke would get stale in the food area without a vent though. Guess we have to wait until more photos or a schematic and manual get posted at the MB site before we know the answer since no one has seen one in real life yet.

    Also note there is no longer the cross rods that people use to set their AMNPS on in the bottom.  Will need some sort of wire rack to lift it up and let air flow under I would think.

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  4. tjohnson

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    Notice the small water pan?

    Looks more like a loaf pan than

    Are these available yet?

    I need another smoker like I need another hole in my head!

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  5. I think the vent is in the left side of the smoker, you can kind of see it on the inside, I wonder if they diud that so the heat from the element didn't run straight up and out the back corner like in the older models, the vent should pull that heat towards the opposite side
  6. eman

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    Big C,

     I think that is the light on the left side right above the top rack. That is where it's located now.???
  7. pintobean

    pintobean Smoke Blower

    Just saw these on Cabela's website, I too am wondering where the vent is??
  8. When I go to cabelas website and I enlarge the picture and zoom in it sure looks like a port hole in the side.... I called Cabelas, they have no information on the model yet, other than how many racks and the dimensions, also they aren't even due to have any in stores or available to ship until 4/20  (that I think is Ironic)
  9. dward51

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    Well at least they aren't shipping them on 4/1.  That would be ironic.....  especially with all the chatter about where's the vent, etc....

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