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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jd huskerfan, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. I am a new owner of a MES. I've been lurking on this site for quite some time. I introduced myself in the new members area quite a while ago.

    Anyways, as a newbie to the MES, if anybody has any helpful hints as far as what to do or what not to do, it would be very appreciated. I think I've picked up a few tips while reading the past couple months.

    I have a question specific to the Masterbuilt smoker if somebody knows: must you use chips or pellets only? The reason for asking is that I have come across a possible supply of wood for smoking, but it is branches/limbs ranging from 1.5" to 6" in diameter. Can I split the larger ones and make my own chunks to use in my MES? Do I need chips? Is there a way for me to use this supply?

    Thanks in advance. I look forward to becoming a contributor to this site with Q-view of my smokes.

  2. bud lite

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    Chips can come in handy when smoking at a low temp. Say 160F or so.
    However, I have used branches/limbs at a higher temp.
    I would suggest you store them for 6 months or so to dry out before using.
    If you remove the MES chip loader and look inside, you will see 2 rods.
    The limbs must be small enough to drop between those rods. Roughly 1" or so.
    Go fer it. [​IMG]
  3. cajunsmoke13

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    Welcome JD...Glad to have you here. Where you from in Nebraska?
  4. Bud Lite,
    I imagine I would have to cut this wood down at least somewhat. Would it be worth finding a wood chipper and making smaller chips out of the wood? I would think the drying process would be sped up considerably then.

    Northeast corner of Nebraska...why do you ask?

  5. cajunsmoke13

    cajunsmoke13 OTBS Member

    Just wandering,,,have some friends in Omaha...really Pappilion...
  6. To answer your questions. You can use many types of wood fuel for smoking. Chunks work well but do need to be split to make them smaller to fit the shallow wood tray. I've used pellets, chips, chunks and broken branches all with suscess. I have been recently smoking at lower temps while making jerky and smoking a batch of fresh jalapenos. I get good smoke at the onset but the MES doesn't smoke well at lower temps. I pull the wood tray to find unburnt wood. I have to crank the heat up to get the wood smoking again then drop the temps back to where I want to be. This is like in the 140-160 range. The MES is not as effecient as a Cookshack in it's use of wood so assume you will need to be available to add wood every 40-90 min depending. You will get into the flow of your MES pretty quickly. Can't wait to see some qview. Enjoy
  7. ronp

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    Yes you can use that wood, like someone said just make chunks and you will be good.
  8. fourthwind

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    I use all types of woods depending on the cook temp. the lower range (150 to 180) you want the very small chips or shreds. If your in the 225 and above you can use anything you can fit in the hole basically. I like using the big chunks at the higer temps. I just add one large pre soaked chunk at a time. gives me the TBS. You will love the MES. I have fallen in love with doing Chuckies and dino ribs in mine. Did a big batch of elk summer sausage in mine on fathers day as well. Good luck on your first smoke!
  9. pineywoods

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    Congrats on the new smoker!!
  10. Congrats on the MES, I enjoy mine.
    I have a bag for my chipper shredder, and have used it to make chips. To quicken up the seasoning process, when you are planning on a smoke without the water pan, or not smoking at all place aluminum screen material on your grills and use your smoker as a kiln dryer of sorts, works wonders [​IMG] (you can weigh the wood before placing on each screen before, and after, that will give you an idea to how dry they are by the difference in weight (moisture loss)

    Can't wait to see future q-views of your future smokes!

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