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  1. FINALLY!!! got to try out my new MES.....managed to get it seasoned the day after I bought it, but then it rained and rained......Got to love that 1200 watt element.....absolutely no problem with getting and keeping it smoking.....temp only varies plus or minus approx 5 degrees...recovery after having the door open is remarkabley fast.  I did find that the temp difference between the built in probe (smoker temp probe) and my ET 73 was about 25 degrees, the ET 73 reading lower than the built in one.....I had the probe placed approx in the center front of the unit.....don't know if this is the temp difference people have been refering to and addng the tile mod. to even it out.....I'll do more test shown in the pics....I had left a few chips in the dump cup that I was going to add later and when I opened it up I found they had turned to ash....the pic shows it while it was still smoldering...later it was all white ash...guess I could use this for adding extra chips after loading the regular chip box...!!!....has anyone else notice this happening...?  All chips in the regular chip box turned to white ash....I'm already thinking about adapting my Smoke Daddy to the unit.....I cooked both country ribs and a whole chicken.....chicken rubbed with regular seasoned salt and the ribs with Paula Dean house seasoning and used Hickory got to the ribs before I could take a pic, but at least I got the chicken (Done to perfection) far I gotta say I'm lovin the MES even though I'm a regular propane smoker.....RICK
  2. Don't know why the QViews didn't work right....I'll try to post them again.....RICK
  3. Finally the QViews !!!.....RICK[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Nice !!!!!   That's my dream smoker !

    LOL----That thing will even burn the chips in the chip dump cup, and their new model MES30 won't even burn them in the chip drawer----AMAZING !

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    Glad to see your new smoker... have looked at them at Sams.

    Now what i would like to know is the price between gas and elect.

    A 1200w unit must draw a lot but it does not stay on all the time.. what is the cycle time approx.

    Good looking bird and it appears you will have many more Qview to show us...LOL

    I also like gas (propane) for grilling and coal for long burns/smokes.
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  7. Someone posted a thread here a few months ago...they had used a measuring device for measuring the power usage of the 40" MES....they had smoked I believe a fair amount of meat and the end result knowing the amount of electrical energy used and their energiy companies price per kilowat/hr ended up costing them only pennies for the total smoke per hour....of course this would like you say depend en the cycle rate/outdoor temp. and so forth, but is was very reasonable as compared to propane......I have also commented to post in the past that I could cook and probable eat whatever I was smoking in my gas smokers in the winter time before someone with an electric had theirs preheated....I will probable only be using it here in the midwest for fair weather smoking and then back to my gas.......RICK

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