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    I feel that the slight amount of stainless that might get rubbed off is worth it to keep the probe clean. If your probe isn't completely clean then it won't read right. The one I use for air temp gets covered in buildup after an all day smoke so it takes some serious scrubbing to get it clean. I have a thermoworks probe that I have been using for years and it still looks brand new. 
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    I just wash them in hot water as soon as my smoke ends and its easy as pie.  The times I've cleaned it the next day its been a pain but I still worry about damaging the tip with a scourer.
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    I just use the Sponge Mrs Bear has by the sink. One side is course. I use hot water & wring it out first & scrub the probe while holding it at the connection. Then I scrub in one direction while still holding it at the connection, being careful to not let it kink. I don't have to get it perfect, because I clean the meat probe with an alcohol wipe before inserting it into any meat.

  4. Smoked my first Tri Tip on the MES 2.5, and it turned out excellent. It was a pre-seasoned 3 and 1/2 pounder. I watched golf on TV and let it smoke while monitoring the Maverick 733.
    I used 1/2 hickory and 1/2 cherry mix, which produced an excellent amount of smoke. Smoked it slow for 4 hrs at 180, pulled it at 133 and finished it off on the grill to 140 - then wrapped it in foil and a towel for 20 min before carving.
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    Sexy!  Well done.
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    That Looks Awesome, Dennis!![​IMG]

    And my favorite Taters too!!![​IMG]

    Nice Job!!-----------[​IMG]

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    Great job, Dennis.
  8. Thanks guys. I'm slowly getting the hang of smoking with the MES 2.5, and also love the Mav 733. I used the built-in MES probe and the 733, and they pretty much stayed within +/1 degree.
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    I did this yesterday.  I raised it up maybe 3-inches.  I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but hope it's enough to get good airflow. 
  10. I set my AMNPS on top of a wire BBQ basket as pictured here. Works great.
  11. dvuong

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    You lose a shelf with that though, don't you?  I most likely won't be using the bottom shelf but would be nice to have the option.  I have the 4-rack configuration from Amazon.  
  12. Yes. I have the 40in MES, and have the water pan in the bottom shelf slots and the basket and AMNPS on top of that to keep it level. So far, I haven't had to use more than 2 shelves.
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    I'm too lazy (and thirsty) when the meat is done so I do my cleanup the next day. A quick wipe with a damp Magic Eraser on the firebox box probe, over temp button and meat probe and they're good to go - surprising how well the eraser works.....
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    Hey everyone. I'm brand new to this forum and discovered this thread last night. Thank you all for the insight on the bluetooth 2.5 MES 40. I was on the fence about getting one because I heard such bad reviews on the gen 2, but due to everyones experience with the 2.5 I absolutely am getting one. I'm a beginner when it comes to smoking and I have some questions I hope you guys can answer for me.

    My first question is what is the difference between an AMNPS and an AMNTS? I know one is a tube and the other a box but are the two interchangeable or do you use one in some type of smokers and one in another? Which do I get for the MES 40 and what size? Also when it comes to the pellets what is the "safest" type to get for a beginner that will still put out a great taste? I've seen some people say some flavors are really strong that is why I'm asking. I saw that Todd sells a couple different packages that include a propane torch. Does anyone have it? Is this easy to use to get the pellets started and keep them started? I know I read a few people having trouble with them going out in the beginning. Also, is the Sams Club version a cheaply built version of what they have at Bass Pro shop? The differences I see are Sams is 4 racks and Bass is 6. It says Bass is stainless steel on the outside and Sams has the black coating on the outside. Sams is over $100 cheaper though. Are there any big reasons not to get the Sams Club one? Also as far as the 6 rack and 4 rack model go are the cooking spaces the same and just less room between racks in the 6 or is the 6 rack actually a bigger smoker and you could cook more food on it?
    Finally how much food can the MES 40 hold? Like how many boston butts, racks of ribs, tenderloins, etc. The reason I'm asking is I'm having a big party next month and am inviting about 75 people and I really want to do Boston Butts and Ribs. I don't know if 1 MES 40 would be enough to handle the food for that, or if I would have to get 2 of them. Also, has anyone ever used it as a "hot box" to keep food warm/hot when entertaining or would that be a horrible idea? All your insight, help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  15. dvuong

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    I tested the AMNPS last night.  I pulled out the chip drawer and loader about an inch each just for safe measure.  Seemed to burn real good.  When I first stuck it into the MES, it was a little bit slow burning but once it had been in there for a few minutes it really caught on.  
  16. bearcarver

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    The Tube puts out more smoke (Too much for my MES 40) than the AMNPS.

    If I was you I would get the AMNPS, unless I live at a High Altitude. High altitudes make it hard to keep an AMNPS going.

    I would limit myself to 6 full size Butts (8 to 10 pounds each).  2 on each of the top 3 of my 4 racks.

    BTW: Please stop by at "Roll Call", and introduce yourself so you can be properly Welcomed to SMF.  [​IMG]

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    By design the AMNPS is supposed to produce thin blue smoke which is what you want for low and slow cooking. It may not look like much smoke is coming off it but you're going to be typically smoking for 2-12 hours or so anyway. There are times I've seen the wood pellets just burning up each row and that is not what you want. Too much airflow or heat in a MES can be a bad thing sometimes.
  18. vfl57

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    Thank you. I will get the AMNPS then. How many racks of ribs would you say the 40 can cook at one time? I usually get the spare ribs at Sams Club but I buy some St. Louis style ones once in a while. All your guys insight is greatly appreciated. Can anyone shed some light on the other questions I asked in my first post? Thanks again!
  19. daricksta

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    The answer to your question about how much meat you can smoke at one time depends on a few factors, number one being if you're going to buy the 4 or 6 rack MES 40. Then it's a matter of what you plan to smoke. Spareribs are wider than both baby backs and St. Louis ribs (which are just trimmed spareribs). It's possible to fit two racks of baby backs or St. Louis ribs on a single smoker rack. With Boston Butts/pork shoulder it's a matter of the size of the butt. Are you talking a 5 lb. butt or a 12 (or so) pounder? With tenderloins--either beef or pork--two could easily fit on the same rack. With beef briskets, again we're talking size and weight here. But But if you're thinking of smoking a bunch of meats for a party you've also got to consider the smoking times for the meats. You can finish baby backs in 4-5 hours but a big pork butt could run 7-12 hours. You've got to be able to estimate how long it will take to reach the finish internal temp for each meat.  And you've got to decide your cooking temp. 225°F? 250°? Or whatever. Then you're talking about knowing how much wood chips to load (if you haven't yet bought a pellet or dust smoker) and also figure on how often you'll need to reload wood chips during the smoke.

    In your scenario you'll need to get those pork butts into the smoker early in the morning--depending on when you plan to serve them at your party. And when they're done are you going to want to serve them sliced or turn them into BBQ pulled pork sandwiches? And if you are smoking pork butts might the ribs be overkill or vice versa since the ribs should finish before the butts?

    As far as using a hotbox, the best thing for keeping cooked meat warm for hours is your basic Igloo or Coleman cooler. If you keep the meats wrapped in foil and placed in a picnic/beverage cooler with a large towel or two placed over them, those suckers will keep warm for hours.
  20. vfl57

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    Thank you for your insight. I'm not sure which 40 inch smoker to get- the 6 rack or 4 rack. I know Sams Club has the bluetooth 4 rack with the black coating on the outside for $329 which is over $100 cheaper than what Bass Pro has but bass pro says it's stainless and has 6 racks. The thing I want to know is if Sams Clubs is just cheaply built and if there are any reasons not to get the Sams Club model, or if it's just a really good deal. I also would like to know if the 6 rack and 4 rack models have the same cooking space and just less room inbetween racks on the 6 rack model, or if the 6 rack model is actually bigger and can cook more food. As far as weights and sizes of meats go I typically buy my meats at Sams Club but don't really know off the top of my head what they typically weight. For the ribs I'm either doing spare ribs or St. Louis or maybe a combination of each. It really depends what I can find on sale. As far as the cooking temps I'm a beginner and have to learn that because I have no clue and haven't had a chance yet to look for advice on that yet on this forum. I don't even know what the temp should be. The more and more I think of it though I might be better off getting 2 MES 40's and use one for the ribs and one for the butts or whichever meats I decide to do since the cooking times will be different. I plan on serving everything at the same time and shredding the butts and doing pulled pork sandwichs. Thanks for the cooler tip. Would I be better off shredding the pork right after it comes off the snoker and put it in an aluminum tin with foil over it or is it better to wrap the butts whole until I am ready to serve and just shred right before serving? As far as wood chips go I plan on getting an AMNPS and using the pellets. If I have an AMNPS do I have to use wood chips at all during the process, or are just the pellets ok? Sorry for all the questions like I said this is all very new to me but I'm excited to learn and hopefully make great food! Thanks again!

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