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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by parrot-head, Nov 7, 2014.

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    Foam...I love song lyric references. And I happen to have this tune on my iPod. Heard Jimmy Rabbit first play it back in the 70s on L.A. FM radio.
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    I haven't used either one, but have read a few issues with the inside of the Gen2 not being as durable as the stainless steel on the Gen1. Personally I just prefer stainless steel. There's areason why commercial kitchens are stainless steel.
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    I believe my MES 30 Gen 1 has a stainless steel interior but the black powdered steel exterior. I agree about the durability of stainless steel. However, we don't own any major stainless steel appliances because they're more expensive and the exteriors are hard to keep, well, stainless and smudge free.
  4. I've got a Gen1 MES 30 that I'm more than happy with, though it can be a little small at times.

    As for the blue tooth part, I can't imagine wanting that.  I'd be a bit scared to find out what the dentist would charge to fix that problem!
  5. That's interesting that Masterbuit would manufacture some bluetooth models with stainless steel and some not. I'm guessing anything less than stainless steel would cheapen the product, and perhaps subject to rust. I would be interested in one of their new 40 in Bluetooth stainless steel models whenever they become available to retailers. So... I will wait until they become available, and perhaps see some reviews.

    Well I made a order today over the phone with Bass Pro, they are getting towards the end or beginning of the year.  They Rep. from Bass Pro said they have the SS MES 40" Bluetooth Sportsman for $429.99. Item nr. 2150263 and Model nr. 20070315.  I also called Master Built the Young Lady quoted me a Model nr. 20070115, she did not say which one it was, so I called Bass Pro back and they did indeed conform me that it's the Sportsman Masterbuilt 40" Bluetooth Stainless steel.  They with not charge my card until it's ships.
  6. I'm a stick burner but enjoy watching and hearing about the watt burner stuff

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    Waiting to see pricing.  Got a 30" from Lowes for Xmas but wanting to exchange for the 40" version.  Worthwhile for the new design.  Dont care much about the bluetooth as I already have a WSM 18 and 22.  Want to give electric or propane version a try.  Electric seems easier as it has digital therm so takes away the difficulty of prep for a last minute cook.
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  9. I don't know the difference in quality between 25-gauge steel double wall construction and stainless steel. If any. Also I wonder if legs with rear wheels as shown in Masterbuilt's website are included, or a special order "extra"?
  10. I really like all this new Bluetooth technology  If the smoker works like it is supposed to I think it's neat

  11. 12/30/14 just got off the phone with "Ashley" fro. Masterbuilt customer service (after an inordinate long hold)... she said that the new 40 in Bluetooth smokers are all stainless steel. Bass Pro has them for $429 and Sam's Club will have them next month, probably a little less expensive.

    She also said she thinks Sam's Club will include the 10 in legs with rear wheels. The model numbers vary depending on retailer. For example, the model number at Bass Pro is: 20070315. Masterbuilt's model number if purchase directly from them is: 20070015 and their price is $452 (does NOT include the 10 in legs). All the same construction she told me - stainless steel. We shall see.

  12. Cool !
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    I hope that's true, but I'd check carefully, I called twice and got two different stories. The last thing they told me was that some would have stainless interior and some would not, depending on the retailer. I hope they all have ss, that would be a good move, IMO.
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    If they follow their past practice:

    Some would have all SS, including the outside.

    Some would have black coating outside with SS Door.

    But all would be SS inside.

    In my area, in the past Cabelas got the All SS, and Sams got the cheap ones.

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    Did they say how many racks come with the smoker.  From their website the Sportsman Elite comes with 6 racks.  The standard Masterbuilt comes with 4.    Actually thats the only difference I see between the two models..

    Looks like I will wait a week or two till Sams gets them to see the price difference and features; by next month they mean Jan 1st right? :)  I dont care if its stainless all over but that would be a plus.  As long as its SS inside im fine with that if its cheaper.

    25 gauge steel is .0209 inches thick.  Double wall means its .0418 inches thick.. not sure if thats good to keep it insulated but i suppose? 
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    We'll just have to wait & see when guys start using the new MES

    I'll get one for testing as soon as they are available locally
  17. Be interesting to see how it test out

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    Well my local BassPro got a shipment of both 30" & 40" in. By the time I got there all they had were 30", I bought the last one. Set it all up last night got it ready for today. I have to say it seems nice and is Stainless on the inside. The Bluetooth was easy to set up. I have a brisket and pork loin in now. I'll let y'all know how it goes and try to get some pictures up this afternoon.
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  19. Post some pictures so we can see

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    Anybody get one of these home and working yet?  I'm definitely interested but would like to hear some personal experiences.

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