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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by hippityhoppy, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Hey I've been away from the site for far too long. Just got a new MES 30" from my amazing hubby for Chirstmas after some jack wagon stole my ok joe from my garage over thanksgiving! So any words of advice to someone coming from a charcoal to electric smoker?
  2. goldmine1965

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    Get the AMNPS from A-Maze-N products. Burns pellets up to 12 hours. A lot of info on the AMNPS in this forums. Forget trying to feed wood chips every 30 minutes. Doing a search on in this forum on something that might interest you, and you will probably find your answer! There is a lot of info and knowledge in this forum.
  3. parrot-head

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    +1 on the AMNPS.  Essential for longer smokes.
  4. bandcollector

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    Good advice from Goldmine 1965...Also do a search for Mailbox Mods and you will be amazed as to how many ideas you will get.  I agree,  forget about using the built in chip burner with your MES...It will drive you nuts!

    Good Luck and Keep on Smoking!

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    [​IMG]     Great Advice by Goldmine!!

    And here are a whole bunch of things you can do with your new MES, all in Step by Step form:

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

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    Smoking with an electric smoker is less labor intensive than smoking with charcoal. That is, unless your OK Joe was well insulated so that the briquettes would last for a few hours without much heat loss. I bought a MES 30 a few years ago because I didn't want to futz around with charcoal or with propane gas. I have a steady heat source so the only concern is keeping smoke coming from my AMNPS.

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