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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by townes, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Went shopping for a new smoker today.    Found this at Walmarts....

    Serial Number  20071910....looks to be a Gen 1 :)

    Now to figure out what AMP I need to for it.
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  2. Just arrived today

    Now to find the best spot for it :)

  3. daricksta

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    The maze goes on the two rails to the left of the wood chip holder like this:

    I have the MES 20070910 30-Inch without the window and really like it. The AMNPS is all I use for the smoke source.
  4. Thanks daRicksta.   The AMPS sits perfect in that spot.  Smoking a stuffed loin and the smoke has been going perfect.
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    You're welcome, Townes. To me, the real fun with the AMNPS is in using the different wood pellet varieties. Some guys stick with hickory but I'm into creating flavor profiles. I found out a few weeks ago that oak wood pellets create a perfect marriage with beef brisket. I buy all my wood pellets from Todd Johnson. They're 100% wood.
  6. I decided to build a stand for the smoker. I wanted to keep the budget under $45 including cover.  Using items around the house I was able to keep it at $42. 

    I won't call it pretty but it works well. 

    All the wood (except the box top) was from broken pallets.

    The box top is from scrap plywood I had in the garage.

    The spar varnish was left over from general boat maintenance.


    Cover - $20 Lowes

    Caster wheels - 2 swivel and 2 stationary $8 Harbor Freight

    Door hardware - $5 Lowes

    Steel Metal - $9 Lowes

       thanks for looking
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    You can be proud of yourself. [​IMG]   [​IMG]  
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  8. daricksta

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    Very cool. [​IMG]

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