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  1. I need some advice.

    Will be using the MES 30 for sausage, snack sticks and smoked cheese only.

    Smoker came yesterday. Last night I by-passed the digital relay and it will now

    be controlled by a PID.

    Totally removed the chip tray assembly and tube

    .(installed a homemade adjustable vent cover)

    My question is: Do I need some sort of heat shield over the heating element

    (quarry tile) or just fill the water pan with silica sand? Maybe I don't need to be

    concerned with big temperature variation at low temps (??)

    Thanks for your input.

  2. welshrarebit

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    I would ship that bad boy to me!!!

    Just kidding...

    I'm interested in the responces you get! The only electric smoker I have used are cookshacks and those were at my various jobs over the years... I've been eyeing MB prices to get one for home!
  3. red dog

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    I think you may be running the risk of grease fire without something protecting the element. What are you going to use to generate smoke?
  4. I use a AUBER PID and also keep the chip tray in the smoker. The chip tray protects the element.  Now the loading tube is another story. I use Riverat's mod. It is a adjustable damper.

    Just a corn can with a little glass tape to seal it up good.

    The adjustable damper allows me to dial in the air to the AMNPS.
  5. AMAZN Pellets.
  6. Will be using the Amazn Pellets.

    I installed a 8" x 8" piece of quarry tile over the heating element.

    That hopefully will protect it.
  7. tropics

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  8. Tropics,

    Thank you very much.

    I found this post of yours earlier and made racks

    to fit the MES 30.
  9. bmaddox

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    What generation MES is it? The vent position difference between generations seems to make a difference. You might want to do some test runs with something cheap like chicken and monitor the air temps at each rack then proceed from there.
  10. It is a MES 30 Model 20070910 Digital.

    AC power comes in through the bottom. ( which is good for making disconnecting the controller)

    Vent is on the top right hand corner.

    This will be my dedicated snack stick, cheese and sausage smoker.

    All other Q is done on a WSM.

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