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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by pigglywiggly, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Well yesterday I just recieved in my new MES 30 model # 20070411. I was able to get this smoker for 'free' through an awards point program at my work. The one I recieved already had the larger wood chip tray. I must say the build quality of these seems very cheap and poorly put together, i.e. glad I didn't actualy spend money on it. But in any case I believe I will be able to get some good smokes out of this thing, especially since so many people here give them lots of praise.

    Seasoning her up this morning. Will be posting some q-view here in the next day or so as well.

    As for the build quality. The only major flaws i can find  were 1)the door seal on the top right is not even close to being sealed it has a gap of maybe 1/8 to 1/10 of an inch where you can actually see into the smoker. Gonna try adjusting the door latch some and see if this makes a difference. 2)  Also it just seems the workmanship in general is poor, the rivets are all jagged and not fully seated in spots, the welds were done poorly etc. Not a big deal as functionally its fine, just looks shotty. 3) The lower bracket inside the smoker that I guess is the support for the wood chip tray and element was very poorly done. I literally touched the bracket and two of the welds popped off/broke. I didn't feel like going through the hassle of sending it back so I just pulled this piece off and rewelded and put it back in. Should be good to go now.

    If adjusting the door doesn't do the trick, I am thinking of just putting in a fiberglass rope gasket to replace the original rubber one.
  2. Congrats on your Safety awards reward!!! Enjoy
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    PigglyWiggly, I would like to say congrats on your MES, but it sounds like you received a different MES than what most are reporting.  Call Masterbuilt and ask for a supervisor.  There is no reason you should not be happy with your MES and it shouldn't matter if you bought it or received it as a prize.

    As for an exchange.

    Be sure and let who ever you talk to that you are a member of this forum and you want to report excellent reviews and customer experience.

    I just recently did this when buying a product that I found on Amazon.  On Amazon it wasn't a Amazon sale, it was one of the advertising links at the bottom and advertized 30% off.  However their product was also listed on Amazon.  So I check the companies website and I could buy direct from the company, and looked at their price list, it was exactly the same price, NO 30% off.  I called the company via the ph number on Amazon and got a quote it was the exact same as the company website, NO 30% off.  In addition they guaranteed to beat any competitive price.  So I found a similar product for 1/3 the price, called the company that advertised on Amazon, and asked for the sales manager.  The sales manager told me the same line the other sales people said, the prices already reflected the 30% off, I told him BS they were using the 30% off on Amazon to get people to click on the link.  Then I told him that I already talked to Amazon they were anxious to investigate any vendor that falsely advertised.  Then I revealed the competition product for 1/3 the price, (I already knew the lower priced product was inferior).  So the sales mngr asked what price I was after, I told him I just wanted them to honor their advertising and sell the item at a 30% discount, which was almost a $30 saving.  He said ok, and didn't even charge me shipping.

    I relayed that rather long story to let you know that often companies don't want to do anything, but if you approach them in a manner that makes sense they will make concessions. 


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