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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by juancho, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. My name is Juan. I live in West Texas, a city called Amarillo, right smack in the middle of the panhandle I call home. I love it here.
    I've always like good bbq.i wanted to try smoking my own food, so I sweet talked the ol'lady and finally broke down and bought an Old Country Pecos smoker. I must admit,no matter how much material I read or how many videos I watched on smoking bbq nothing really prepares you for the reality of your first smoke session. It's awesome. I haven't mustered up the courage to try a brisket yet. I have however smoked numerous racks of ribs and Boston butts, I must say the pulled pork is my favorite. The ribs ain't bad,I just prefer the butt.
    I did add a second rack to my pecos...more cooking surface. Works great. Haven't done the math, but I can add 2 1/2 rack of ribs or about 30 chicken drumsticks. The setup looks the wrangler.
    I removed the charcoal grate used it as my tuning plate. Works pretty well. I built a charcoal basket in its place.
    I didn't use the original thermometer mount. I drilled a hole inlet side around grate level and I put a thermometer there and I also did the same for the outlet side. This way I have a better temp reading.

    I'm supper happy to join this forum and hope it keeps going strong.

    Ps: The pics I uploaded are of the burnout needles to say I hadn't made any mods at tthat time.
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