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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by shocker, Jun 26, 2014.

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    My name is Steve and I live on the southwest edge of the Greater Kansas City metroplex in Gardner, KS.  Got into smoking meat through my son and his buddies who would go to the American Royal BBQ contests.  They Won 1st place in sausage several years ago so I started looking at smokers instead of my Weber gas grill.  Started small (and cheap with CharGriller offset smoker) and learned how to modify these offset smokers for better performance and temps across the surface of the grill.  I enjoy making mods to the smoker to see what happens and how it improves temperature stability.  Biggest thing was to make a new charcoal plate that sits up higher so the ash doesn't choke out the charcoal after 6 hours of smoking.

    Do mostly family or for our neighbors (we live at Gardner Lake) especially at 4th of July where I'll smoke 8-10 baby back racks (this year 15) since I purchased a CharGriller Pellet smoker 9020 from Lowes.  Once I modified the lid to fit better, it does a pretty good job.  Will be running both smokers this 4th. 

    Always looking for better rubs for pork and brisket.  Will be checking the forum frequently since I always have questions and like to hear how other people have solved the same problem.
  2. Hey Steve, welcome from East Texas, you forgot to give everyone your address and time to show up for the 4th.

    Gary S

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