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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jeff1972, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Hey everyone, new member here. Just picked up a MasterBuilt Sportsman Elite XL (fathers day gift). Looking forward to smoking everything I can get my hands on. I've been lurking as a guest, researching, and finally went with that. I intend to mod it like most others here w/ a stack, seal, using a large bbq wok thing, and a 12" cast iron w/ lump coal, large rectangular roasting pan for water pan.. Going to install temp sensor / meat temp wireless guage...and possibly create a removable insulation system for winters. Wind skirt etc. Possibly a cold smoke attachment...

    Location: Ct. I BBQ year round, and intend to smoke year round as well.

    Currently bbq'ing w/ a charcoal grill, charbroil infared (can get great low temps on mine). Can't wait to get this smoker together, and some pictures up as I mod it. 

    Great forums, learned a ton from reading here. I have some of my own rubs, from slow bbq, can't wait to smoke!!

  2. Hey Jeff hello and welcome from East Texas, congrats on the FD gift, be looking forward to seeing some pictures

    Gary S
  3. jeff1972

    jeff1972 Newbie

    Thanks Gary. 

    Spent the day putting in patio blocks for the smoker, assembled, and finally seasoned it. Tomorrow I will build up the brick wind break......while I give a pork shoulder butt a whirl. Looking forward to some cold beer while I sit down wind!

    I'll get some photo's going asap. Tonight I'm going to order the top damper / stack. Thinking about a basic air damper in the bottom. Any advise?

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