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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by nick m, May 8, 2012.

  1. Wow, what a great forum!

    I'm a 30 year old foodie from New England with a love for smoke!  At night I run a water treatment facility (blue-collar guy), and will be finishing up my BS in electrical engineering this year.

    My current cooker arsenal spans the spectrum from electric units (with modifications) to my trusty array of Weber kettles.  To be honest I'm not quite happy with any of my smokers, and have been designing a high-quality electric unit.  I enjoy the temperature control of electric units, but they all lack quality in electronics, control customization, and overall build.  My current design isolates temperature, moisture, and smoke levels for the cook to adjust independently of one another.  The eventual unit will also have automated programs that change the smoker conditions automatically, for example hands-free 2.5-1.5-0.5 Baby Backs - opening the unit only to apply sauce for the last half hour.  It's a slow process of testing and revision, but my wife/family/friends don't seem to complain about the weekly plate of Q to sample and critique!  If I'm pleased enough with the outcome, I plan to market it as well.

    Looking forward to discovering new recipes here, along with shameless research into what people desire in the ultimate smoker.  I'm early enough in the design process that many features and design aspects can still be incorporated.

    Off to create some smoke...

    - Nick
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    Welcome to SMF Nick,  glad you decided to join us!
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    Welcome Nick!  Keep me in mind when you need testers!!!  I am more than happy to try things out!

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    Me 2!
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    Hello Nick and [​IMG]to SMF - glad to have you here 
  6. jrod62

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  7. Welcome to SMF  [​IMG]   lots of great info here.
  8. [​IMG] Sounds like you are an inventive type of guy. Can't wait to see your creation.
  9. jp61

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    [​IMG]  Nick!

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