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  1. Hello there!
    I'm Dennie, 26y/o and i'm living with my girlfriend and a dog in a small town in The Netherlands.
    My english isn't that bad, but it isn't great either. So please look passed the misspelled words and weird sentences[​IMG]

    I work as an car mechanic, and in my free time i like to build stuff out of junk. Also i'm working on an old '66 car,

    I want to start building on my new smoker, currently i'm cooking on a el-cheapo offset smoker. Works great but it is to small.
  2. Welcome to the group glad to have you join in. I know what you mean about a smoker being to small. I had that problem myself, but the one I would cost to much for me. I built me own Reverse Offset stick burner from a 120 gallon air compressor tank and it's just right for what I need. Cook a 100lb pig and 2 Briskets in it last weekend and still had the top rack empty. Good luck on your build and if you have issues post them here and someone will gladly help you out.
  3. Hello Dennie, and welcome to SMF. Lots of smoker build and ideas on here, look through the forums and get some ideas.

    Gary S
  4. Thanks all,
    saw some nice builds, picked up some nice ideas for my build and learned some things from a few topics

    This is what i'm working with now.
    A cheap offset smoker, wich was leaking all over the place...welded some plates and used some fire rope and stove sealant....Works great....but as you can see, it's becoming too small.
    Pic from yesterdays baby back ribs (just on)

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