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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by towerclimber, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. towerclimber

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    I'm building my first smoker and am already done with the majority of the frame work and inside steel (3/16)...It will be insulated and I am planning on using a digique for temp I have to cit in air vents in the lower part of the smoker for air glow or just cut out for the adaptor for the fan mount since it will be forced air...
    It is designed like a jacks old south mms48 with my own personal touches
  2. genek

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    Not sure what it will look like when done, But an interesting start.

    I usually start with a commercial unit and then 'bash' it into what I am thinking of at the time.

    Currently I'm adding a PID controlled gas system to a small Char Broil offset smoker.

    I'll look forward to seeing your progress on this one.

  3. towerclimber

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    The first pic is one side with the air vents and the opening for my self watering system / drainage setup
    The second is the inside of the smoker with the support bars to hold the 3" water pan...ill post more tommarrow night
  4. towerclimber

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  5. towerclimber

    towerclimber Fire Starter

    Well its done...spent so much time on it and working 70 hoirs a week sk here are some pics


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