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Discussion in 'Sausage Makers' started by pegleg bill, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Greetings, All,

    I've been making fresh sausage for a while and would like to start smoking sausages.  This is my main reason for wanting to get a smoker, but, of course, I'd also like to smoke ribs, bacon, etc.  I'm looking for a smoker that ill allow me to hang the sausages (Italian, Summer, Lebanon Bologna, etc.) rather than laying them on the racks.  I've been looking at the MES 40 with an AMNPS, but would like to get recommendations on other smokers that would work well, such as a good propane model that would hold low temperatures.  I'm in Southern CA, so low temperatures here aren't much of a factor.

    Thanks for any suggestions.  Bill
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  2. I have a MES40 and a AMNPS that works great for me. I also have other smokers and toys. My UDS will also cold smoke. For under 190° I use the MES the most.

    They also do hot smokes well.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Hey, thanks, David.  Sure looks like I'm on the right track.  Those photos look good enough to eat.  I was surprised to see the Chex mix.  I've really got to get smokin'.  I've been eating my Chex mix raw.  I looked at your list of toys.  Impressive!  Um, what's a UDS?  I have a grinder, meat slicer, and other stuff for sausage making, but I haven't gotten a stuffer yet since I've only been making patties.  That's on my list along with the smoker.  I also have a lot of beer making equipment (don't eat sausage without it)  and coffee roasting stuff.  Guess I have way too many hobbies, but heck, what's one more.  [​IMG]  
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  4. timberjet

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  5. As timberjet said it is a ugly drum smoker.

    I am also a beer and wine maker as well as other adult beverages.

    This is muscadine wine that I traded a 8 OZ block of smoked cheese for 10 LBS of muscadines.

    Then I also like my cars.


    Sorry for the [​IMG]. I think a 1st generation MES 40 is a good choice.

    Happy smoken.

  6. Thanks, timberjet and David.  Ugly or not, it sure looks like the UDS turns out some great looking food.  I'd love to try making one, but I'm not sure how it would turn out since I'm either on crutches or a wheelchair.  I'm working on getting a prosthetic leg, which I should have sometime between Christmas and New Years.  Maybe after I learn how to us it, I could give it a shot.  In the mean time, I'll learn smoking on the MES.  I really like the smoker that looks like a Corvette.  [​IMG]   Ok, there's that strange sense of humor peaking it's ugly head out again.  Thanks for the photos and link.  They're really helpful.  Hey, David - it looks like you're into all grain brewing, judging from the photos.



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