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    Introduced to smoking by my brother (if eating his food counts).

    live in OKC, OK area.  Have used my offset smoker four time since picking up the unit at a estate sale a month ago.  Called the beast (my wife named it) cause of its pure size compared to my Weber Genesis gas grill. Only smoke once on the Webbe in four years. 

    Unit bought: offset don't know is its a custom welded smoker or a from a mnf company. Perhaps some one would see the pic and description and share what they think?

    Smoked whole turkey, spatchcock turkey, split turkey, whole chickens, spatchcock chickens, leg 1/4's, cheese, Boudin, sausage and one pork butt so far. Saving the more costly food while a build confidence.

    Cook with three Taylor digital thermometers plus two additional dial type thermometers resting on the grates. Thermopin coming for Fathers Day.  Unit has two dial thermometes one each horizontal lid and other on the door of the vertical section.

    firebox 19" across with warming plate on the lid. ( Diameter 16") .  Damper in side door  of the firebox (used for .  auxiliary propane 1/2" port on opposite side of FB near the floor of the FB.

    All Heavy duty construction. Took 5 of us to load it.

    Horizontal section is 32" in length. doors open easily but no counter weights.  Grates are exspanded steel (single level).

    Vertical section is 48" tall with 4.5" OD chimney on top with adjustable damper and cap.  Grease trap in floor of vertical section. Clean out door location is on side close to the bottom to allow access to grease trap location.  Two 15" round grates evenly spaced in vertical oven and up near the chimney there is a hanging rod (havnt used the rod yet). wood storage under horizontal section. 

    Good food smoked thus far 4 smokes

    whole turkey 12.5 lbs, spatchcock turkey,  Split turkey, whole chickens, spatchcock chicken. chicken breasts, leg 1/4's, cheese, sausage, pork butt and boudin.  Have smoked with lump, logs of Pecan, apple and hickory.  Did use the texas method on the pork butt about 1-1/2 hours after the stall started. Same true on the spatchcock and whole turkey > meaning finished on the grill indirect at 325 F as I recall.

    on the outside there is a working surface in front to the FB and horizontal section. tool rack (BAR) on end of FB where the side door is located.

    Fathers Day the thermopin will arrive. cool.

    Wifes favorate has been the pork butt and chicken breasts, sausage and boudin.


    Besides the puzzle of who built this smoker ? , wondering about tuning plate length and width and fire brick use for this smoker ?

    Purpose of the last two questions havnt held 325 F at grill for extended period on the poultry smokes.

    And when 18 lbs of poultry was spread all over the hoizontal section the temperature lowered and seemed to be slow to raise T (held chicken 30 mins on Kitchen counter from frig prior to adding it to the smoker).

    Personally I have enjoyed the surfing the replys and comments posted here very, very much.


  2. gearjammer

    gearjammer Master of the Pit

    Hello and welcome to you.

    Man that thing looks like a smokin' machine, sounds like you've

    got the temp gauges you need.

    I can't help you identify the smoker, but unless it is a custom

    someone on here will know.

    I could make one smoke on that and eat all month.


  3. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome from SC, It's good to have you here.
  4. beastcook

    beastcook Newbie

    Appreciate you taking to time to send greetings
  5. mike5051

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    Welcome to the group!  That thing is definitely a beast!

  6. smokinal

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Your right, that's quite a rig!

  7. beastcook

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    Weekend Update

    hope it wasn't treason this weekend I went to an EGGFEST held at local OKC business LOL

    I had to feed mom three meals per day since we boys rotate weekend duty providing care for her.

    I found all the food by the EGG cooks to be good to very good but part that the cooks had to plate up food by 10am and I'm sure the business didn't allow them to ignite there eggs till 7 or 8 am (we didn't get to sample any low slow meats) but I did

    find it interesting the  items prepared on the eggs:

    Some great cookies (mom loves her sweets at 83 yrs young) - cooked on the eggs pizza tray

    personal pizzas

    whole chickens (dry rub , cooked to 165F) tasted very good. 3 hrs at 300F is what the cook stated.

    pork chops, wings and several other unique food items

    Tacos (these were served in unique way, Very small taco cups > held about 1 OZ ) I requested the recipe maybe Ill get their recipe (they would be good gameday football snacks) before the real

    meal was ready AND plated off the smoker (THE filler was prepared separately and placed inside the taco cup and heated on the pizza trey inside the EGG)

    MOM enjoyed the trip out (pretty day) at the EGG fest and the walk at the tree plantation to provided the EGGS, food and forum for the cooks.

    out of curiosity I asked several of the cooks if they do or had cooked on offsets or any type of stick burner type smokers before becoming owners of their eggs (only a couple of cooks had any experience smoking prior to owning their eggs).

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