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  1. Hi all. I joined SMF yesterday and found the So Cal group today. I live in Jamul, rural east San Diego County. I raise pigs & chickens, have a large garden and am just getting into Charcuterie. I am fine tuning my first DIY smoker. It's 5 1/2 ft tall and 34" x 34" on the inside. I have a small potbelly stove connected 3 ft away for the smoke.

    Anyways, hello So Cal members!

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]

  2. Welcome Neighbor!

    Tons to learn here - be sure to post pictures of your build!
  3. Loving all the great recipe exchange and never ending Q-views.

    Here are a couple pics of my build. It's still in progress. I ordered an ET-732 Friday night and should have it this coming Wednesday. Then I can dial in air flow for temp control. I've burned a few test burns as is and am learning her personality and what needs to be addressed. I can also set up my electric smoker and pipe it into the box instead of the potbelly stove if I want.

    I know it's scary looking. I'm not one to spend $$$$ on new shiny things even if I had it. Most of what I build here on the farm is made from recycled stuff. Where people see junk, I see raw materials. For instance the panels used to build the box all came off a scrapped out 100 ton commercial A/C unit. They were the walk in doors to access the coils and motors/compressors. They are a steel shell enclosing non-combustible insulation. The roof as well as the 'diffuser' in the bottom used to be a single side panel with louvers. I simply slide a flat, solid piece of sheet metal over the roof louvers to cover or expose them as needed.

    Half the fun, for me, is taking 'junk' and turning into something useful. It gives me a better understanding of the how's and why's of it's operation and thus I feel I can produce a better end product (great Q).


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