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  1. Just came across this great forum while searching for ideas for today's brisket smoke. I've really only been doing low temp smoking since fathers day last year when I received a Kamado Joe Classic. Before that I was a Weber guy using a Weber gas grill and a Weber Kettle. The only smoking I did was on an old Brinkman charcoal smoker and it was almost more trouble than it was worth because of the constant attention needed to keep the fire going in it. The Kamado Joe has solved that problem and I now really enjoy smoking meats. I put a 4.5lb brisket flat on a 8:30 this morning at 275deg and the Maverick is set and I shouldn't have to touch it till later when I have decide to foil or not.

    This appears to be a great source of information and I'll be checking back often.

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    Welcome to the board, Bob! Nice smoker, I should look up some how-to videos on operating those.
  3. Thank Blue. The KamadoJoe website has a few videos that aren't bad. It's a very versatile grill and just as happy grilling pizzas at 600deg as it is smoking at 225deg for 12+ hours.

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    Welcome to the forums Neighbor!
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    I'm running an offset stick burner and I'm having a blast with it.

    My very first smoke was in a Weber, camping on a friend's property that had a lot of young maple windfall, about the diameter of my wrist. I had some split breasts to grill but I was too cheap and lazy to drive to town to buy charcoal. So I made a campfire of maple in the grill, then choked to to a whisper. I was instantly hooked.
  6. Hello and good morning, welcome to the forum from East Texas

    Gary S

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