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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by lonederanger, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Lurking for a while, have smoked in my BBQ pit with a firebox, but not fond of the configuration.

    Found a guy on craigslist giving away his broken Gen1? 40" all stainless in/out MES.

    Model 20070710. Pretty sure that's the number.

    Anyway, it was tripping the gfci, so I took it apart, drilled out all the screws and back panel to find the heating element has a hole in it :-(

    Contacted maker and I have a new one on the way 1200w.

    I am looking to jump right to pellets with that amazn thingy from Amazon, and the draft diverter mod.

    Replaced the wiring, and upgraded all screws to SS self taping screws.

    Luckily the electronics worked, else I was going to grab a auber PID. I used those on my Homebrew control panel, single tier 2 burner with a 50ft herms Coil in the hlt. 3 pump setup. Just FYI

    Happy to join a nice community.

    Happy smoking guys/gals
  2. Hi LoneDeRanger

    Welcome to the Forum ..[​IMG] ¬†Hope To see you posting around the site. Great bunch of smokers here and everyone is quick to answer any questions you have. Were glad you found the site!!


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