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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bigolbash, Nov 8, 2011.

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    A friend of mine, Ron Gibson, turned me on to this site over the weekend.  I have been cooking whole hogs for about the last 14 years at an annual event my wife and I host for our friends called the Big Ol' Bash.  About 3 years ago I finally had my own grill with a smoke box built.  Each year I have done more and more research to enhance the flavor of the hog we prepare for our guests.  I live in Greer, SC and enjoy cooking and now smoking whole hogs, ribs and briskets for fun.  The grill I had built has a cooking surface of about 52 x 47 inches over a single propane burner with a smoke box attached to the end of the grill.  The grill is built from an old oil tank and is on wheels, so I can transport it to events, if I ever get to that level.  The grill will hold up to approx a 275 - 300 pound pig, although I typically cook about 125 lbs hogs for the Big Ol' Bash.  I have experimented with injection marinades, dry rubs and various types of wood for smoking.  I typically use apple wood or hickory wood I get from my dads farm.  I am looking forward to sharing my ideas and techniques with others, but really hope to continue my whole hog cooking education by getting advice from others.  This past weekend Ron and a few other friends helped me prepare and cook the whole hog we served at the party.  We all shared ideas as the hog was being prepared and cooking which made the end result phenomenal. I am excited about joining the site, chat with you soon! - JT
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    Welcome to SMF JT and were glad to have you aboard and join in and share your experiences, having some fun and don’t forget to post our favorite.

    The Qveiw of some of those whole hogs

    Happy smoking……

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    Glad to have you join the SMF Family JT,

    I love whole hog, and it sounds like you can bring a lot to the table.

                                 [​IMG]  to SMF
  4. venture

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    Welcome aboard, JT!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Welcome aboard BigOl!
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    Welcome to the SMF Family...We all love to help each other and can't wait to get the "Whole Hog" on your Years of experience...Geez, I crack myself up sometimes![​IMG]...JJ
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    [​IMG]     Glad to have you with us!
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    Welcome Ron!!!

    I predict we will be getting some outstanding Qviews from you in the very near future!!!

  9. Welcome to SMF JT. Glad to have you with us.

    Lookin to see some fine Qview and a pic of your Rig.

    Happy Smokin'

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    Welcome to the group [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG] I'm sure you will have a lot to contribute. Can't wait to see some Q-View.
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    First off welcome Ron to SMF. You'll like this place for there are alot of folks here that would just love to help you with just about anything to do with smoking meat. You will find alot of good recipes and techniques here also. so with all that said:

    Welcome to your new Addiction
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    X2 on the pictures and[​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF....
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    Welcome to the fam!

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