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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by re nickelson, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. re nickelson

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    Just stopping by to say hi and introduce myself.  I'm retired and living in Gods Country in northeast Oklahoma, ride my Goldwing Trike and fish some.  I've done a little smoking on a Traeger pellet grill and have had fairly good results, but recently my neighbor bought an electric smoker and really loves, so I got to looking on reviews and settled on a Masterbuilt, and luckily I was able to get a very nice one with Reward Points built up from my credit card.  This weekend I'm going to attempt smoking a 7# brisket flat, dry aged grain fed Angus with nice marbeling in the meat, there is no fat cap so not sure if that makes any difference.  I will report back on if it is great or tough as a boot. 
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    Welcome to the board! Look around and learn.

    Goldwing, huh? I had a temp assignment at the Honda plant at Marysville and I caught one of their Honda Homecoming events

  3. re nickelson

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    I bought one of the last ones built there, darn shame they moved the plant to Japan.
  4. bluewhisper

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    I was in the front office of the motorcycle plant, but I never saw that assembly line except for a glimpse through the door. However, I did have to renew my security badge each month, and for that I had to walk along the final assembly line for the Accords, and see them installing dashboards and mounting tires. They have yellow paint stripes on the floor to define corridors where you can walk without interfering with the line.  Stay the HECK out of their way when they drive off the end of the line to the testing area.
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    Welcome again, RE N !!  [​IMG]

    Good to have you join us!![​IMG]

  6. Welcome.  Ken South of Chouteau, 98 Wing
  7. re nickelson

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    We're practically neighbors, I live in Grove.
  8. We are pretty close to Grove, just downstream in the lake system.  Grove has a new ham radio club that meets at Mazzio's at 7PM the first Monday of the month..  Most likely will be riding up for the meetings when it gets warmer. We like 72+ riding in a T-shirts but have been known to dress for colder temps if we have to, just do not enjoy it as much.

    I have a Smoke-it brand electric that has spoiled me for long smokes.  Throw the meat in and wait for the buzzer.  I feel like I am cheating.  Well, just sort of  --  a little.

    This is a fantastic world wide smoking site ran by Jeff who is based just East of downtown Tulsa.  It has tremendous information from recipes to technical information.  Spending a little time here is well worth while.  I went from wondering how my meat would turn out to deciding how I wanted to fine tune it to turn out.  It is still amazing to me how the great people here share information without the back biting that happens on many other sites.  This site is golden smoke..

    Welcome, and Keep The Smoke Turned On.
  9. re nickelson

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    I was in Mazios a few months ago and saw all his WWII pictures, I'm a retired pilot and love history and anything WWII related. I live just west of Grove next to Patricia Island Golf Course. A friend ani I ride down to Locust Grove occasionally to eat at the Amish buffet, I don't ride until the weather gets above 55.

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