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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by scrantny, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Anthony Here, been lurking and reading for some time now and figured it was time for me to join in all the fun.

    Been Smokin, grillin, quein for about 23 years now just in the backyard and having fun.

    I grill on a Brinkman 3-burner gasser

    have used many store bought smokers.

    Currently tweakin on a new project - Metal double door Storage cabinet 2ft deep 3ft wide by 6.5 tall.

    Got the firebox installed this weekend and did a test run and boy does this sukker put out some smoke.

    anyway i will upload pics of it when i can.

    glad to be part of this forum with all the nice people and info here its gonna be a good time for sure.

    see ya round the web.


  2. bluewhisper

    bluewhisper Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome to the board! My sister is in Patterson.
  3. thanks for the welcome, im in the red stick - baton rouge
  4. smokinal

    smokinal Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Welcome to SMF!

    Glad to have you with us Ant!

    Looking forward to seeing some pics of that build.

  5. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome from SC, Anthony. It's really good to have you on this great site. Please post some pics of your build and some cooks.
  6. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Howdee Howdee and welcome to the boards. Lots of Coonazz here, they tried but they couldn't keep us out. Or maybe it was just me.....LOL

    Looking forward to seeing some of your smokes.
  7. bluewhisper

    bluewhisper Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Yes, I've been to the Tabasco factory "tour" and gift shop. All you see is part of the packing line but it's sill worth a visit if you're in the area.
  8. bauchjw

    bauchjw Master of the Pit

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your new project!
  9. yeah man i think everyone who grew up in louisiana has been to avery island at least once. 

    born and bred in louisiana. aint nothing in this state new to me...
  10. Foamie,

     yes sir the real deal cooazz here bruh... parents speak french - grand parents could ONLY speak french.

    grand parents are french acadian's from france. 
  11. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I remember how shocked I was long ago in college. Went to pick up a friend who happened to be my date at her parents home in Sunset. Of course she wasn't ready. Had it not been for her brother being home, I was in trouble. Her grandmere, Papa and Mom were in the kitchen having coffee and never passed a single work of english. I knew just enough French to dig my self into a hole. LOL Good Catholic family she graduated from Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau.

    But I musta done ok, they let me date daddy's little girl.
  12. mike5051

    mike5051 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Welcome to the group Anthony!  I'm just a city boy from New Orleans.  Glad you joined us.

  13. hey guys here are photos of the smoker project - dont know internal temps yet since i've misplaced my termometers to install.

    also its not painted yet but ready for paint this weekend.

     i will say this though.. the smoker box on the back side was reading 400 degrees for over 4 hours with minimal adjusting and using regular charcoal and some fairly good seasoned oak on my first test run... i just needed to make sure it drafted correctly before i went any further...

    sorry if these images are in the wrong place but will post a build thread soon.

  14. Welcome to the forum. Lots of info here just for the asking, I live a little south of you in Gonzales. Quite a few members on the forum in the area.
  15. bauchjw

    bauchjw Master of the Pit

    Very cool! I'm jealous of your work area too!
  16. thanks bauch,

    that is actually at my camp on the river. spend a lot of weekends there and absolutely love it. Me and a couple buddies are getting in to doing our own sausage. instead of having to use others equipment i figured since i have the space for an outdoor cook area we could just do it there instead. Rain or shine its smokin time! 

  17. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    LOL... In hope everything is nailed down to something today! I found my big trash can, but the lid is still MIA.
  18. bauchjw

    bauchjw Master of the Pit

    No I'm even more jealous! Haha! Someday! In the meantime I'll be happy for others and look to your work as an inspiration!
  19. Nice, Pretty Cool


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