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  1. Whats going ladies and gentlemen, long time lurker and finally bought me a smoker so its time to join.  Got myself a wsm the other day, I must say this looks like a very well made product. I couldnt wait to season the smoker, even though i probably should have, so I fired it up the day after I got it. Mainly cause I work 7 days a week for the most part and had a few days off for the holiday. I did a rack of ribs, 2 chicken quarters and a few tater bombs. The chicken and ribs where good, but the taters not so much. I was really surprised that after a couple of hours of tinkering with it it held a constant 225 temp for the last 4 hours of cooking without having to mess with anything. Anyways, looking forward to getting some advice from the pro's   
  2. icyhot

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    Welcome and what area are u from.
  3. Bardstown, where all the booze is made, I work at one of the local distilleries as well 
  4. icyhot

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    I work in bardstown at Mago
  5. tumbleweed1

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    Welcome aboard from an Illinois Jim Beam lover.

  6. Icyhot, nice to know I got someone local for help if I need it
  7. icyhot

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    Wouldn't be no problem

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