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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by butcherfamily, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. butcherfamily

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    Hi all. Just following the rules to post here. [​IMG]

    My family have been butchers back 5 generations (at least). My Great grandfather was a butcher and came to the US at the turn of the century. Eventually he bought his own slaughterhouse north of Pittsburgh and opened another family store in another town close by. The slaughterhouse and store have been family businesses until the mid 90's when my grandfather died. I worked there myself when I was in college at the University of Pittsburgh. (mainly deer season work)

    My family had many sausage and cured meat recipes which my uncle and myself continue to use today. (A couple of people who used to work for the family tried to start their own businesses, but didn't manage to replicate any of the recipes).

    Our slaughterhouse had a couple big smokehouses, and we constantly used them.

    Now I am using a couple small home smokers (relative to the store) and still continue to turn out excellent food which I hope would make my family proud.
  2. lord of the ring

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    Welcome Butch! where you at in FLA?
  3. butcherfamily

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    Tampa area.
  4. richtee

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    Welcome to SMF! Always good to get some new forks with old experience here! Looking forward to a recipe or two :{)
  5. richoso1

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    Good to find you in roll call, the SMF welcomes you. I'm sure your contributions will be well recieved.
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    Welcome to SMF from another Floridian just a little north of you. Sounds like you have some great experiences in sausage making and the meat industry. You will find lots of good info and recipes around here. Have fun and happy smoking.
  7. lord of the ring

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    sweet man, i'm in Orlando... I'm tyring to find Orange wood, know where i can get some?
  8. butcherfamily

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    There's probably a couple recipes I can share, but I can't share any of the "secret" ones. Too many promises made. The meat mafia would come looking for me very quickly.
  9. richtee

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  10. butcherfamily

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  11. butcherfamily

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    Yeah I understand all that and I do agree with that for the most part. I WILL share all of my own recipes. But there are some recipes that are only being handed down inside our family. Some of us may very well go back into business as well. It is very special to us, as I explained, other people have tried to start their own businesses after attempting to steal them. My grandfather used to shut the door to the mixing room because guys who worked there used to try to spy on him and take notes on what he was using. They never did get it, the bastards. My grandfather passed the recipes to my uncle and he took it very seriously, so I do as well. We take a lot of pride in our meat. [​IMG]
  12. flagriller

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    Welcome, I'm in Brandon.
  13. richtee

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    Bless ya for the dedication. Shore nuff a lack of the great old meats these days. I make a sausage that's hundreds of years old...if not more. No secret...but no one makes it any more!
  14. butcherfamily

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    There is a small Hungarian meat place in Safety Harbor, FL, only open like 20 hours a week. But anyway, the original owners were hungarians (in their 70s) who came over to the US in the 70's. They sold to another Hungarian lady who runs it now. The make some excellent meats and smoked meats. If you are ever in the area, I suggest you stop by.

    I buy my hog casings from her.

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