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  1. Hello all,

    I have been hot smoking and grilling for many years. Had a concrete block smokehouse my father built when I was a toddler, finally replaced that with an 84" Lang about 7-8 years ago. The Lang has a large grill on the front but the primary grill is usually a Weber Ranch.

    After all these years of hot smokin' I finally decided I needed to add cold smoking to the repertoire. I picked up an AMNPS to use as a cold smoke generator and found my way here when looking for recipes, tips and ideas of things to cold smoke.


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    Welcome, glad ya joined us Matt... We'll see ya around the forums !
  3. Hello Matt, welcome from East Texas, Looks great !!

    Gary S
  4. Welcome to the group. Nice looking Rig I was looking at them myself but didn't have the money for it. I went the somewhat easy way and built me own similar to their 64in. Love the way it works. Keep smoking.
  5. The original plan was to build a copy of the Lang, but when I figured out the cost of materials, a new welder that could handle the thickness, time and space to do the build, etc., the Lang seemed like a better deal for us at the time. I certainly have no regrets. It works as well as any log burner could be expected. With a little practice and a good batch of wood it will hold an even temp within 5 degrees end to end.

    Still want the new welder though :biggrin:
  6. Guess I was lucky enough to have a big welder. the Lang I wanted was @$3500 I built mine for just under $500.00. Steel for legs and fire box cost the most, but I had a steel company about four blocks from my shop. Have some big plans for it this summer. Cooking a pig in it next weekend for wife and my 25 anniversary. So far just over 100 people coming.
  7. You did good. I was looking at over $500 just for the parts for the trailer, before even starting the smoker portion. Building your own will certainly add to the pride of the final product when you see 100+ happy faces chowing down.
  8. Here is a pic of my rig. Trailered it home first time to be safe.

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