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    Today I did 2 racks of spar ribs, one rack of Baby backs  (all three racks smoked for 4 hours at 225-250) 

    smoked two potatoes  for last two hours

    for my first  attempt with the MBXL.

    SET UP:

    1. 12 " cast iron over chip pan, 

    2. substituted a very large foil pan for the small water pan but I put it on the bottom smoking rack do to its size so I only had three racks to work with, but I could have used four if i put the pan on the black rack. I put quite a bit of water in it and am not sure how much is good...

    3. 4-5 chunks of wood chips (60% hickory 40% cherry)  for first 2-3 hours and then replaced two of them at 3rd hour ( I  had just added the two in, but noticed that the heat increased so I took the two that were the most burned out at this time and heat went down.

    4. I put the two spare rib racks on the top rack , the Baby backs on the second from the top rack 

    5. I added two Large potatoes after two hours (on the third rack form the top, hoping some meat juice and flavor would fall on them ), covered in olive oil, sea salt, and pepper.



    1. Maintaining temp of 225-250 was not a problem tonight at all ( well at least the thermometer said so)

    2. smoke looked to be TBS the whole time. chunks of wood did well, no flare ups

    3. Baby backs were great in texture and doneness, but I will go back to my Rub that I used before( tried a new rub I got for Christmas)

    Needs Work

    1. The two spare rib racks that were on the top rack seemed to be  tougher than I wanted.. I think I am going to try the 3-2-1 method I saw above this post.

    2. The potatoes were NOT done after two hours on the third rack...  I read around and it seemed that two hours would be plenty 

    Over all it was not a bad attempt for my first time. I would give it a c+ and just be happy nothing was ruined and I learned lol

    Here are some questions if you all can help..

    1.  What racks are best , I was thinking after I cooked that since heat rises, maybe I should have put the potatoes in the top rack and the spare ribs on the lowest rack since they were so thin.. 

    2. How much water do u put in a large pan for a once and done method

    3. Are there any good thermometers that screw in to where the factory one goes?

    4, any good rib rubs tips, ( Mine is basically brown sugar, kosher salt garlic powder paprika and pepper)

    5. what did I do wrong with the potatoes, should I bake them first and then just smoke them for an hour or so at the end?

    Any tips are greatly appreciated!!!

    Lastly what are some good ideas for left over ribs or is just wrapping them in foil with a little sauce in the oven or 200 the best thing to do.
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