New member--1st attempt, bacon wrapped chicken---success

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    Hello all,

    New to forum. I just purchased a Charbroil Deluxe Electric Vertical smoker last week.

    Today, I smoked my first chicken breast wrapped in bacon.

    I used apple wood chips, water in the reservoir, and used the meat probe set to 165*F IT. The breasts were fairly large with rib meat attached. The unit ran for 3 hours, and the chicken turned out moist, lightly smoky, and fully cooked...whew.

    Towards the end of the cycle, I was so tempted to open the door, but did not give into this temptation.

    My question is this:

    Does raising the temperature high (say, 235*-250*) help to seal the meat prior to it reaching the optimum IT? If so, is it  recommended to approach most, if not all, meats this way? Meaning, high temps to start and seal, lower temps to bring to optimum IT?

    My next attempt will be flank steak. I found a flavorful marinade on the forum I will be trying. I understand that it will take as few as 60 minutes. So, I will be sitting by my smoker thinking of my next smoking venture. Possibly a reverse sear...we will see.

    Any suggestions welcome as I am new to this and willing to learn from those more experienced.


    Smokin' in GA

    RG Ackerman

    Duluth, GA

    Here are some photos I took, before and after:


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