New Masterbuilt 40" for Christmas

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tpdmountie, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. tpdmountie

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    Hello from Tulsa......New to smokers and the forum. Looking forward to learning all I can and appreciate any tips or comments on getting started with my new smoker. How to break it in.....which woods and/or problems with it...thanks to all...Merry Christmas
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    Welcome to SMF!

     I will assume that you have the electric 40" ?

    I have used one for many years and they do have a couple of design flaws that you will run into.

     1st is you need to get a separate remote thermometer that you can calibrate w/ boiling water.

    calibrate it and use it along with the ones in the unit. You need to measure cooking temp and meat temp.

    The MES has been known to be as much as 20 degrees off on cooking temp. it will read that you are cooking at 235 when you are actually cooking at 215 or 255. 2nd there was / is a wiring problem that causes the wire to burn off the heating element. resulting in loss of heat.

      Once you have a good themo and have figured out if there is any difference in it and the MES you know how far up or down you need to adjust to be spot on with the temps.

     The wire fix requires a bit more work so i would wait to see if it happens and if it is still under warranty.

     To season it just spray the entire interior minus the window w/ pam cooking spray and run the temp up to 250 and let it cook .Any more questions you can look under electric smokers in the forums or just ask.
  3. tpdmountie

    tpdmountie Newbie

    Thank you for you help and suggestions....Hopefully I won't run into the electric problem...thanks again

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