New insulated firebox build.

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  5. chad e

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    That thing is sexy. Write down the specs so you can make me one for Christmas!
  6. Thanks, I hope to get the trailer built for this one soon also
  7. ballsonagoose

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    Why did you put the firebox and smoking chamber on the same level?  Is there any advantage to this configuration?
  8. Yes it will allow for even temp all the way across the cc. Just like a reverse flow does.
  10. Just got the upper racks in today. Almost ready for sand blasting and paint. Does anyone know someone they would recommend that does chrome plating in Ft Worth, TX?

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  12. Nice build. I like the high firebox/low exaust idea,bet it works great. Point
  13. Thanks ill post more pics once it painted and ready for smoke
  14. appalachian q

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    Dang Right! That's an awesome looking rig! Way to go!
  15. Thanks everyone I custom build these for customers also. So feel free to look me up and let me know what your interested in anytime.

  16. I order this 7' long stainless steel shelf for the smoker so when I get it back from the sand blaster and painter I'll install it and post more pictures

  17. Almost done. I just have build the trailer now.

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