New Info on whats in Traeger Pellets

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by team c, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. kennyp1114

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    All i can say is they are excellant. You got a heck of a deal!!
  2. ir2old

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    I have a Black Olive wood pellet grill, I have had endless issuers with Lil Devil pellets from Oregon. Biggest issue is getting grill up to temperature, actually almost going out on occasion, so this week I bought some Traeger "cherry" pellets and wow the temp came up like it should.

    But a bag of Traeger pellets here in Northern Canada is $2395.00 plus taxes as opposed to Lil Devil at $16.95 same size bag.

    Have you had any experience with Lil Devil Pellets

  3. smokinadam

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    that's one expensive bag 2395.00 😉 the price was that high probably because of the cherry I would assume. I use lumberjack with no issues.
  4. inkjunkie

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  5. bregent

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    Probably a big bag ....
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    Would hate to be the one to try and lift it....
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    I'll ship you traeger pellets for $500.00! 😊
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  8. Better be a really BIG bag!
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  9. Don't forget, those are Canadian Dollars. [​IMG]
  10. jpclarke246

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    what dose AMNPS stand for?
  11. fungus

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  12. ir2old

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    I also live in Terrace BC and have a Black Olive Pellet BBQ made in Victoria, I used Traeger Pellets but prefer Lil Devil pellets bought from our local Home Depot (X Rona)

    my email is [email protected]    Don
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  14. ir2old

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    Yes Lil Devil $16.95 less 10% if I order 10 bags never heard of the lumberjack pellets maybe not avail in BC Canada
  15. ak1

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    Wow, at 2395.00 I'll personally drive from Ontario with ten bags for you.
  16. ir2old

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    Biggest issue with any pellets I found is them hanging up, have to poke them now and again or at times no fuel, no fire
  17. smokinadam

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    Lumberjack pellets are out of Heyward,WI. They use alot of different shipping companies and if you know someone that owns a small business that wants to sell them up there I'm sure they will quote you a price shipped.

    Best price I'll probably ever get was when I got my skid. But when the smoker is on 2 to 3 days a week it's worth it.
  18. inkjunkie

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    Used some Louisiana pellets the other day when smoking cheese. They are supposed to be 100% junk added. They did not have the chemical smell of the Bear Mountain stuff. I filled the AMNPS and put it under the fire grate of the Egg. Seemed to be a bit less oil over where the AMNPS was sitting...but still quite a bit of it...
  19. tannerwooden

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    I don't smoke, but I think I have some information you all might like to here. I recently purchased an Uuni 2 pizza oven. Google it if you want to learn about it. Long story short, it burns wood pellets to create the ultra-high heat (800+ F) needed to make neapolitan style pizza's.

    I'm a builder, so I spend a lot of time in my local Home Depot where I saw a 20 lb bag of Traeger Hickory pellets for $15. I have since learned this is not a great price. Oh well. Anyway, I fired up the Uuni 2 with these pellets for the first time and got very frustrated. It was not working as advertised. Not getting as hot as the creators advertised. Later, after some research, I found that Bear Mountain pellets have a reputation for burning hot. I bought these and the difference was like putting nitrous oxide in a car. ROARING FLAMES. I don't knock Traeger for their slow burning pellets. For a bbq, I'm sure low and slow is great.

    I AM knocking them for the "Flavor Oils." The hopper for the Uuni 2 is not like a pellet BBQ. The pellets sit in a tub directly over the fire. As the fire burns down, they just fall down the hopper. The hopper has a scoop for filling it which sits on top of the tube. Besides just heat, it was a hugely different experience burning the Traeger pellets and the Bear Mountain pellets. The Bear Mountain pellets were a clean burn with a pleasant smoke smell. The Traeger pellets left a sticky, brown residue on the tube and the hopper scoop that I'm fairly certain will never come off. I'm certain of this because residue dripped onto my thumb while I was using the scoop. Four days later, I still haven't gotten this residue off. Two days later, it smelled like a mixture between liquid smoke you can buy at your grocery store and the smell on your clothes after camping a week.

    My theory now is that the "Flavor Oils" are just liquid smoke. Not cool, Traeger.
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  20. inkjunkie

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    Bear Mountain pellets are made with oils as well. I have used them several times in the AMNPS under the fire grate in out Big Green Egg. After 6 hours they leave a very heavy circle of an oily substance on the bottom of the grate. I recently switched over to Louisiana pellets. Same time frame the circle was about half the diameter from the Bear Mountain pellets...and nowhere near as thick...

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