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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bobank03, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Hi, my name is Bob and I have been lurking around for a couple of weeks. I lived in Massachusetts, North and West of Boston, just a bit. I grew up on the West side of Cincinnati. I own a Brinkman bullet smoker that I have used a few times, but mostly I use one burner of my propane grill that seems to work pretty well. I have recently smoked some chicken breast that came out so tender and moist that they were better than anything I have eaten in years. They were served up as pulled chicken sandwiches and they didn't last long. Yesterday was a couple of ribeyes that came out very close to perfect. Just slightly overdone due to not having a proper thermometer. (I have the Maverick ET-7 on the way for next weekend!) I have already learned a lot from the forum and I am sure I will learn more!

    I was just reading about some of the chili recipes, and some are quite different from what I am used to and I look forward to trying them. 

    Bring on the Pork Butt for this coming weekend though! 

    I am going to make the modifications to my Brinkman as mentioned in the forum as well (lift off over coals, vents, etc)

    I applaud those of you who have shared your experiences and recipes. 
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    Welcome to the forums, Bob!  Glad you've joined us.  You've found a great place to learn and share ideas on our favorite pastimes...grilling, smoking, and curing great food!  There are lots of friendly and knowledgeable folks here who really enjoy helping one another.  Just ask any time you need help and you'll get plenty!

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    [​IMG]to SMF!  We are so glad you joined us!

    Jeff offers a free 5 day E-Course.  It's packed with great information to matter what your experience level might be!

    If you didn't read the "Terms of Service" notes.....please do.  There are a few things that everyone should know about those pesky little rules before plunging into the forums. site links are not allowed here in SMF.

    If you need any help roaming around the forums....just holler!  Happy to help out!


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