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Discussion in 'Beef' started by meltyface, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. I'm trying to find out some other things to smoke or some good recipes for what I've smoked in the past. Does anyone have any inputs.

    Previous smokes:
    Whole chicken
    pork ribs
    beef ribs

    I'm wanting to cook tomorrow but I want something good and different.

    Also I keep running into issues with the wood I buy haveing a ton of bark on it. I use 6" split wood is there a good place to buy woods at.
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    Some of this spring's & summer's smokes that I've done, and a couple older ones:

    Maple/Citrus Glazed Spares with 1 hot/1 milder rub:

    Chuckies with Hot Rub for PB:

    Leftover Sliced Chuckie over Rice:

    Beef Shorties with a spicy rub:

    Spicy/Hot Chicken Breast over a bed of Rice:

    Vegetable and Rice Stuffed Pork Loin:

    Baby Backs and Country Style Ribs:

    Pork Shoulder Picnic (all-nighter):

    These are the most memorable ones I've done lately, just to get you thinking about what you might want to try for your next smoke.

    Let me know if you find one of interest and have some questions about it...I'd be glad to help.

    Good luck, and good smoke!

  4. Rivet that turkey looks AWSOME, I just have to find a turkey. The stores out here are kinda limited on what they carry. About how long did it take to cook that?
    Also since I can't find cherry wood out here either do you think Pecan or hickory would work with that smoke?
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  6. It's kind of hard for me to narrow down my choices 'cause I like just about anything that goes on a grill or smoker, but I guess if I had to choose I'd pick beef or pork or

    I'm a little guy but I like to eat good food.
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    I'd maybe start with picking a section, say beef, then sort by rating. That can sometimes be bogus. But usually somebody really liked a certain thread and gave it a high rating.

    Another thing to try would be if you bought a certain cut of meat. Just throw it out on the forum and ask people what they've done with it. You'll likely get a bunch of responses from people who were happy with their work and want to share the process with you.

    If you saw something that really interested you but are a bit confused as to exactly how they did it, you can always private message them and ask for their advice. I've NEVER been ignored when asking for help.

    Great people around here who love to share advice and tips.
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    I like Cabrito(goat)-a little like Lamb,but no funny flavor. They are small enough so if you have a Horizontal type Smoker,it'll fit in<but no harm in cutting it Hog though, done whole does something to it.[​IMG]
    Also try some Rabbit or Buffalo(excellent but expensive-cooks faster too).
    Cornish hens are nice for couples and small parties you want to make an impression at;then there are the ODD meats-Mountail Oysters, Rattle Snake, Armadillo,Elk,etc.
    Or maybe you'd like smoked SPAM.or Bologna-don't laugh,the Bologna is fantastic...get a whole uncut chub ,peel it,and make crosscuts on the outside and smoke for a couple hoirs then sauce for1 hr.GOOD!
    Hope that helps,and report how you did(with kewl pice_[​IMG]

    Good times and SMOKE HAPPY[​IMG]
    Stan aka Old School BBQ [​IMG]
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    Hi Melty, and thanks for the nice words!

    Yes, I've smoked turkey's (and chicken) over both pecan and hickory and they are excellent woods to use! If you have them I recommend you go for it; you'll be surprised at how good it tastes. Just as an aside, mesquite isn't so good on poultry, a bit strong for the meat.

    I smoked that baby (and all birds) at 300-325 F. I don't recall the time, since I smoked to internal temperature of 170F. I recommend you do the same- not just for birds, but for all meats. Cook to temp.

    I would estimate about 4-5 hrs, but I can't recall. If i remember right, it was around a 12 LB bird.

    We bought it frozen and just thawed it out in the fridge during the week.

    Most all grocery stores always carry frozen turkeys in the meat case, and you can find a nice range of sizes off-holiday season.

    Give it a try, you'll be happy and impress everyone who comes to dinner! Let us know if you decide to do it, and don't forget the Q-Vue!
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    these guys ahve all given great suggestions - my mouth is watering at most of them!

    i'd say stock up on some sausage and/or ground beef and start turning your creative juices loose on some fatties!
  12. I think what I'm going to try next will be Rivet's cherry turkey and some fatties (since I've never made one yet) I'm kinda curious how both of those taste because they both look really good. Thanks for all the input I've definetly gotten a few fresh ideas, I'm always looking for something good and different to eat.

    I think I'll pass on the Rocky mountain oysters though. lol
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    Try a pickling cure for pork or poultry to give them a ham-like flavor. I use ½ gal. water, ½ cup brown sugar, ½ cup Splenda® sugar, ½ cup salt and 1 tsp. DQ Cure #1. I'll soak a chicken 24 hours, a turkey 72 hours (10-12 lb, inject the breasts) and a center cut boneless pork loin a week (plus inject it too for Canadian Bacon) then smoke appropriately to the right internal temp. I also made dried beef using Eye of the Round with the same recipe except doubled the salt to 1 cup (injecting it) and double-smoked it after a two week soak or more (I think the 1st one I did I soaked for three weeks, but the last one was only 2 and worked just as good).
    Next one I'd like to try is some spareribs for a week soak and then a nice smoke too. I usually use hickory or mesquite which might be too strong for you. Another good smoke is using dried corn cobs also, a nice sweet smoke.

    Pops §§
  14. I never would have thought about using dried corn cobs....only thing is that will be REALLY expensive to do out here since corn isn't really grown here. But I would like to try that at least once.
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    You can smoke a pork loin in around 4 hours. Chuckies are also one of my favorites. Looks like you need a Boston Butt on your list too. Lots of good choices. I'm going to get this brisket started while you decide. [​IMG]
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    Really? I've never even heard of that. Do they burn super fast?
  17. I was wondering the same thing, I imagine they would cause there isn't a lot of surface area.

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