New house, new smoker, new to smoking

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    In my haste to sign up and ask my question I originally posted this under the brick smokers build sub-forum... so I apologize for that!  Couldn't see how to delete that thread so if appropriate mods could you please remove?  Maybe this will be the best spot to ask my newbie questions. 

    I just moved into a new place that has a long unused smoker in the yard.  I've been trying to google what I should look for to make sure its operational, how to clean, and a first time guide on how to use it, how to prep the wood (theres a firepit in the back that I can get a fire going first and move some wood over after), do I want to use chips or actual campfire type logs?  Both?  I've seen friends use a charcoal snake in a weber before, but thats about the extent of my meat smoking knowledge.  I'd like to get it ready within the next week so I can do a test run before trying to smoke a turkey for thanksgiving.  Any help/references would be appreciated.  I'd assume it would be a good idea to get a big fire going to burn out bugs/cobwebs, etc before doing a test run?

    Sorry for the first timer questions.  Hopefully, I'll be able to contribute in the future once I get this going!

  2. It looks good. You can use logs or preburnt coals.

    Happy smoken.


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