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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jeffinmi, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Hi all. Jeff here, from SE Michigan. Back in the 90s I had a Little Chief smoker and really enjoyed it. I'm not sure whatever happened to it, but after many years of being a "non smoker" I couldn't take it any more. So today I picked up a MES from Ace. It's a 30" generation one, digital, with rib and sausage racks, cover, and meat probe on sale for $129. If it holds up and performs like it did today when I seasoned it, I'm going to love it! It was 42 and cloudy outside, with a good breeze, so I was surprised when the temp got up to 275 so fast, and stayed there for the 3 hours I had it going (fluctuating up and down a few degrees). When there was 45 minutes left, I added the chips and it was smoking in no time. Tomorrow I'll make a trip to the store for a chicken. Or maybe a pork butt. Or salmon fillet. Then again I love ribs. Or maybe....
  2. Welcome from SC, Jeff. It's really good to have you on this great site.
  3. Hi Jeff, salmon with a dry rub is my all time favorite.

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