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Discussion in 'Smokin-It Owners' started by pluto1415, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Well, new member - I've been a lurker for a long time.

    I purchased a Smokin-It #1 about 2 years ago.  Back then I couldn't find much information about them, but I worked with someone who actually knew Steve and talked me into it.  The #1 fit into my tiny budget AND because I'm close to Smokin-It headquarters - my co-worker actually just brought it to work for me, so no shipping charges.

    My only regret is that our budget had been bigger.  We should have waited until we could get a #2.

    That having been said, we love our Smokin-It smoker.  There have been many ribs, briskets, chickens and pork bellies run through that thing.  I'm going to attempt some almonds this weekend using a recipe I found here.  Nothing sweet, just salt & smoke.

    I'm glad to see how Smokin-It has caught on and how pleased other owners are - I made a good choice.
  2. congrats on your new toy!
    glad it's been working out for you .
    you are lucky to have saved a lot on the shipping charges too!

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