New here, with a new smoker.

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by chef jenn, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. i am probably crazy for experimenting the first time on a holiday! i have this smoker

    and i have bone on chicken breasts, tri tip and baby backs for tomorrow. i am having trouble finding cooking times and temps on the web. i stumbled into this place and im looking forward to learning more. i have been grilling for years and im almost done with culinary school....but smoking is a mystery to me. any tips for a smoking newb? i appreciate it [​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Congrats on the new smoker.

    For all the things you mentioned you can smoke at 225 or so

    The Chicken Breasts you might consider wrapping them in bacon. It will keep them moist and everything's better with bacon right [​IMG]  Smoke them to an internal of 165 degrees. The skin on poultry usually comes out kind of like rubber and many of us will crisp it on a grill or in an oven, If you weren't doing other stuff I would suggest cranking up the temp in the smoker but that won't work with the other meats.

    Baby Backs I would suggest 2-2-1 which basically means put them in the smoker for 2 hours then take them out wrap them in foil add a little liquid seal tight to allow them to braise for 2 hours then unwrap them and stick them back in the smoker for one hour to firm back up. If you want to baste them with sauce do it during the last 30-45 minutes that way the sugar in the sauce doesn't burn.

    Tri-Tips I can't get down here but basically add your seasonings think something like a Montreal Steak Seasoning and smoke it to 135 or so then take it out and foil tent it to rest then slice

    Don't forget your looking for Thin Blue Smoke (TBS) not billowing white smoke. You should barely be able to see the smoke or not see it at all and just smell it. If you can smell it so can the meat

    Good luck with your smoke
  3. thanks so much. i found the 2-2-1 and the chicken tips help. i didnt consider the rubbery skin but now knowing what i know about that its a *duh* moment. im going to use the probe for the tri tip i think so it isnt over done. nothing worse than overcooked beef imo. i figured i would have to start them all at different times in order to finish at the same time or transfer them to my grill. looking forward to tomorrow!
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    As they finish you can foil them tight if they aren't already then wrap the foiled package with and old towel and place it in a warm dry cooler and it will stay hot for several hours
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  5. Another great tip. Ty :)

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    Chef Jenn, 'grats on the MES smoker.  Lots of members here have the MES so you'll be in fine company.  Jerry (Pineywoods) gave you some excellent tips on smoking the different meats, so I'll just say welcome to the best smoking food site on the web and. . .

    Enjoy the Smoke!
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    Welcome aboard! I agree with bacon wrapping the chicken to keep it moist during the smoke. I normally do it just for the moisture and toss the bacon before serving but sometimes I eat it with the chicken. Tri-tip will hit temp fairly quickly so keep a close eye on it. Here's a chicken smoke   and a tri-tip smoke Both were done on an MES30. You'll find several MES users here that are glad to help with any questions you may have.
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
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  11. Welcome aboard Jenn.  You've already seen how welcoming and knowledgable this forum is.  If you spend some time reading and searching the forum, you will learn everything you need.  Good luck with the new smoker.
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    Welcome to the party! Good luck on your cook today.
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    Welcome and have some fun !!!! Looks like the others have got you covered...
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    Welcome aboard!

    Good luck and good smoking.

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