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  1. Hello everyone I'm pretty new to smoking. I have a cheap little offset right now and I recently started building a 250 gallon reverse flow on a trailer with a Santa maria grill on other side. I have been reading a lot on here and decided to join cause I will need some pointers.
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    Welcome neighbor to SMF!  There are quite a few members from the greater SAC area.  There's even a new BBQ restaurant in town with your username down on Folsom Blvd next to Sac State.   

    Good luck with the build.  Sounds like a fantastic project.  Lots of folks here build their own rigs so you should find plenty of pointers. 

    Happy Smokin'! 
  3. Have you tried that place noboundaries? Is it any good always looking for a good smokehouse in the area
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    Yep, tried it with a work buddy. No smell of smoke in the air when we got out of the car so they either smoke elsewhere, have a recovery system, or the smoker was idle when we stopped for lunch.  Between my buddy and me we had an appetizer, two sides (potato salad and mac/cheese), pulled pork, hot links, spare ribs. 

    Meats:  I always eat pulled pork my first time at a Q joint because that's how I rate them.  My wife does the same thing with brisket but she wasn't there.  They smoke their pulled pork for 16 hours.  The pulled pork had good flavor but was dryer than the Gobi Desert.  It needed sauce to go down the gullet.  I ate it but make better here at home for both moisture and flavor.  My buddy's hot links had good flavor.  His spare ribs were good too with a competition-like bite, not fall-off-the-bone overcooked mush.  I didn't try either and took his word for it.   

    Sides: The mac and cheese was great.  Not smoked M&C, but excellent recipe.  So much so that I used my tastebuds to duplicate something similar here at the house.  The potato salad was basically forgettable; very little flavor and no character at all. 

    Appetizer: The absolutely best part of the meal that was a tastebud orgy of flavor was a smoked shrimp and cheesy grits appetizer.  OMG it was fantastic!  I have since duplicated it here at home too. 

    Will I go back?  Only if I'm in the area.  I live in Roseville so it is a 45-50 minute drive with no traffic to get there.  25 minutes from work so I might try it again from there on a rare slow day. 
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  5. Hello and welcome from East Texas looking forward to seeing your build, be sure and post pictures as you go

    Gary S
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    Welcome from Canada.


    You'll get a lot of good information on these forums.

    I look forward to your posts.

  7. Welcome from the 209.
  8. Welcome to the group. Built my own smoker from a 125 gallon air compressor. Very happen with the out come. Plenty of room for my needs. Have done a 100lb pig in it. Holds more then 9 slabs of ribs. Last smoker would only hold 3 slabs, still have and use it but can't bet the new one. Good luck with your build sounds like a great rig set up.

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