New here and have a few questions.

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by macdaddy, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. I currently have a Brinkman Gourmet Electric smoker. I have not been really impressed with it. I have had it for about 16-18 months. Had to replace the element in it. I was wanting to go to another smoker and was considering a gas smoker.

    Does anyone have any input about the gas smokers?
  2. pineywoods

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    Most propane smokers work very well. There are lots of us here that own them and like them
  3. bmudd14474

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    I have a Propane GOSM. I like that its easy to use. Gets to temp fast and recovers fast. Just have a second propane tank in case needed. Also get the 24"wide one if you can. Smoke Vault makes a 24 and you can get a GOSM 24" from Bass Pro Shop.
  4. scpatterson

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    I dont have any experience with either myself. I have always used charcoal and wood myself...There are two sections here in the forum that will help you decide. 1 is for propane and 1 is for electric smokers. Scroll down you page a little and you will see them.

    I lookedthrough quickly and saw this post

    Im from South Miss originally and live in TN now. I grew just outside Hattiesburg MS. Been to Mobile, Gulf Shore area many, many times. Douphin Island was my fav vac spot as a kid.....
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    I have a masterbuilt 7in1 propane smoker. It works wonderfully if you shield it from the wind. On a really hot day I have to turn the gas down so low that any wind at all will snuff out the flame which is dangerous. I have yet to put a needle valve modification on it which the guys on here have said will greatly help with that particular problem. My solution was to use my propane smoker right inside my tin garden shed completely out of the wind.

    I used it a lot in the winter even in the snow because I can crank up the gas and the wind will not bother it on the cold days. I have a welders blanket to wrap around it which really helps level out the internal temperature while I am smoking.

    It produces awesome smoke rings and awesome smokes.

    I don’t dislike the propane but I have a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker that I find far less trouble to use which I get lots more use out of. For up at camp I really like the 7in1. I can use charcoal or propane and it makes really great Q
    This is the smoker I have. erpathid=&navCount=1&parentType=index&parentId=cat 20120&id=0005862
    This is the blanket I bought for it. But you can pick up a welders blanket a lot cheaper. 5&parentId=cat20120&masterpathid=&navAction=push&c atalogCode=UK&rid=&parentType=index&indexId=cat601 233&hasJS=true
  6. oneshot

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    Welcome Mac!!!!

    Here's the link for Traeger smokers.

    These are great and you can do anything from bisquits to meat and potatos. I use mine all year long, even the cold Illinois winters and always get a great smoke.
    They are very easy to use and you can pretty much set it and forget

    I have the Lil Tex with the digital control (I recomend the digital control).....

    Winter smokin about an 8 lb prime rib......And it was coooollldddd!!!!!!

    If ya got questions just ask me, I'm glad to help!!!![​IMG][​IMG]
  7. We go to DI every summer for vacation. We love it because it is QUIET. Gulf Shores is VERY crowded and kind of on the wild side for us. We went to Gulf Shores for a few days at the end of July. It was nice, but very expensive. With a family of 6, it gets pricey.

    My wife and I go to Townsend and stay in the Smokies for our anniversay from time to time. Very nice.

    I was reading the news letter about smoking turkeys. I want to smoke 2 turkey breast for Thanksgiving but was wanting to know if the brine should be made the same as he mentioned in the email and if the "soak" time is the same. Have any experience with that?

    One more thing, is there any major shopping center (Walmart, Lowes, etc..) that sells different types of smoking woods? I would love to use some fruity wood, but have no idea where to get it.
  8. pineywoods

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    The same brine will work. I think different Walmarts may carry some different chips and chunks but around me they only carry hickory and mesquite. Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Cabelas and those type stores usually have a pretty good selection of chips and chunks or some people mail order them.
  9. scpatterson

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    Here in Tenn wally world pnly carries Oak, Hick nevers een any fruit wood. You should be able to get soem pecan down there....

    I got a family of 5 so I know what you mean...We going to Disney this Dec for xmas and taking my sister. I almost ah dto take out a loan for this one...
  10. mballi3011

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    I have a GOSM small unit and it works so good I wore it out but not really but it did develop a little gas leak I'm sure it repairable but it was a good reason to get the smoke vault 24" and I going with it. So tes if you are looking for a gasser I would get the vault and I think it built in the states too. I like that[​IMG]
  11. I am going to purchase a new smoker as I posted. I was kind of sold on going with the propane smoker because of the constant heat and being able to drive up the temp on really cold days (What would we know about cold here?..LOL.). ut after readind a little, it seems that the gas smokers use a LOT of propane. Does anybody have an idea about what it takes, gas wise, to smoke say a turkey? I know that is an open ended question, however, if it cost an additonal 20-25 bucks each time I smoke, I may go with a higher end electric.

    I would do a charcoal fired one, but it requires a whole lot more attention than I can give it at times. Some times I am busy with family and just not available to "stoke" a fire all day...
  12. ronp

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    I can tell you that my MES uses very little electric. 10 dollars a month at 6 hours a day for 30 days is what the power company told me.

    Also a 10 dollar bag of chunk lasts me several months.

    Good luck on your choice.
  13. Thanks for the help. I just do not want to make a mistake with this. For some it may be nothing, but for me, spending several hundred dollars is something I take seriously.
  14. eman

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    If ya'll have acadamey sports stores over there they have a good selection of chips and chunks in apple , cherry ,pecan , hickory , pecan and mesquite.
  15. irishteabear

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    Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us.

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