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  1. So I have a pork loin going right now. First smoke for me. :sausage:When I am done is it best to just open the smoker up to cool it down or leave the door shut and allow it to cool through the vent. It is the MES digital smoker.
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    Im not certain if there is a best method. I read through the instructions and didn't find anything when I first got mine (though I sort of just skimmed them quickly)

    As for what I do: depends on timing. if i have no reason to need the smoker cooled down, ill just dump out any extra chips/ coals (if id used the chip tray) and shut the door, open the chimney and let it do its thing. On the other hand, most of the time I need to put it right away which involves sticking my cover on it and putting it in a small area in the garage between potentially flammable things. So usually I will just leave the door open so it cools faster so I can put it right away.

    I cant imagine that this would cause big problems, but as there could be some expansion and contraction issues, perhaps closed is the safer bet. Anyone else have thoughts, or know the "proper way"
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    [​IMG]   I think this is your personal choice I would however as stated above close it to avoid warping.
  4. I don't know if there is a correct way to cool the box. Lets remember it is just a box with a heating element, Once it is off I would not worry about it warping. 

    I just open the door and let the box cool. The element cool quickly as does the chip tray.  Once the walls get to near ambient or 75 degrees  I return the unused grates and the other stuff stored in it and cover it up.

    Just remember it is just a heated box.  Do a experiment with your thermometer and check.  Jted

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