New guy on the block from Santa cruz mountains

Discussion in 'Northern California Crew' started by cardiowatt, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Hey guys. New to the area. Im a firefighter in Santa Clara county, and live in Boulder Creek. Just started smoking on a OK Joe highland. (little bro to the longhorn) 
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    Well Hey Cardiowatt, welcome to the NORCal Crew.  Sorry I didn't see this sooner!  We have kidlets that went to school at UCSC and have been through BC several times.  One of my favorite biker bars was (is?) in Boulder Creek.  Now if I can just remember.......Henflings!  Acceptable Q, good music, solid tequila selection, friendly patrons and owners.  Haven't been there in several years so hopefully it is still open.  Beautiful neck of the woods, literally, that you call home.

    Congrats on the smoker and thanks for your service to the community.  Welcome to the group.   

    Edit:  Just looked up Henfling's to see if it was still open (it is) and it is in Ben Lomond.  Ooops.  Close though. 
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  3. Close enough. I'm loving the new smoker. Now to experiment.
  4. What's up Cardiowatt. welcome from the Modesto area, originally from the East Bay
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    Greetings Cariowatt!

      Welcome to the Nor Cal Crew. I am near Palermo , south of Oroville.

    I have a Masterbuilt 40" Propane smoker , haven't used it yet , most days have a high fire danger

    warning. I would rather be safe than sorry.

      What are your favorites to smoke? I made game salami with my dad when I was a kid. I had to take

    the stuffed sticks to a sausage smokehouse to smoke the salami. It was fun.

      Hope it's cooler where you are at. It's 100 degrees in the shade right now where I'm at.

                                                                                                             Stay Cool!

                                                                                                          Happy Smokin

                                                                                                            Smokin Sid

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