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  1. Hey fellas and fellerettes!  After just lurking here for awhile, I decided to post in the "Roll Call" and start being a part of the community.  I've had a cheapo Brinkmann for about a year and decided to jump to an MES 40.  Put her together this morning and right now it's seasoning up.  The built in therm is about 15 degrees higher than my Maverick, which sounds pretty typical.  I guess it max's out at 260....that'll do.  I'll be ordering an AMNPS in the next few weeks to complete my rig.  I have noticed a small gap in the seal, just along the top of the door....the sides are nice and tight.  Do you think tightening the latch a little might snug that up?  If not, any suggestions, or is it a big deal?

    I'm looking forward to some good smokes with this ole girl and will post pics of all of them.  Thanks, in advance, for any advice or tips on getting the best out of this smoker.  Good smokin'!!!

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    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your Roll Call and letting us know where you are and what you're smoking with. It really helps us a lot.

    The gap is due to the alignment of the door. Adjusting the latch will only get you so far. I had to get a replacement door from Masterbuilt and I learned just about everything you need to know about the "gap".

    If you start adjusting the latch, notice if you are pulling it too hard by looking along the side of the smoker. If the latch starts bowing it could actually pop the fastners if adjusted incorrectly.

    If the gap is not too much of a problem, I would not correct it.

    Verify the seal around the door is not squishing and that it evenly is compressing to seal the door and not twisted over.

    If you have really feel you need more of an adjustment you have to do this:

    Unplug the unit.

    Remove everything from inside the unit.

    Lay the unit carefully on its back.

    Look at how the door sits on the cabinet. You will notice it is not aligned either in the horizontal or the vertical or both (usually).

    The way and adjustment is made is to unscrew the fasteners from the top right of the door if visualized in the upright postion. You may have to completely take out all fasteners.

    You need to align the door to the cabinet and then, one by one, put the fasteners back in and tightened.

    It's not a very easy task. I would rate it a 4 out of 5 because of the difficulty.

    I had to start over two or three times before I could get the door square, and at the same time all fasteners in place.

    I posted photo's of this somewhere I think. I'll try to locate the link...

    Thanks for posting, welcome and happy smoking.

    Whittling Chip

    PS-Don't forget the pics!

    EDIT" Here's the thread I was thinking about.
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