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  1. Well first I'd like to thank everyone for having me as part of this forum.  I am from Lynchburg, VA.  Not to be confused with Lynchburg, TN.  We do not have some good bourbon in my town, but we do have good BBQ and Beer.  That good BBQ and Beer is made by my business partner and I with Rollin' Smoke Lynchburg.  We are have been in business together, not bbq, for the past several years.  We are two guys from two different area's.  I am a good ol' mountain boy from the hills of VA, and he is a beach bum from the shore of NC.  We both have our own ideas of what good BBQ and Beer is.  Which made us perfect to work together.  We collaborated our BBQ rubs and came up with a very unique rub.  We took this rub to a local BBQ competition and won first in the Pork (Butt or Shoulder) category.  From there we have been working with sponsors and followers to get our rub bottled to be sold in retail stores.  I would tell you the secrets but I don't believe my business partner would be very happy.  Let me just say it is something that even one of the national teams at our last competition was blown away with.  We just recently went from smoking on our BGE's that we out grew in 3 months to purchasing an competition smoker from a gentleman named Roland in Dacula, GA.  What a great guy to work with.  Look them guys up.  We looked at several grills, and "test drove" several smokers.  I will not say that his is the prettiest, or even the largest, but the workmanship and his customer service won us over.  What great people him and his wife are.  Here is a link to their Facebook page.  Check them out if you are in the market for a new smoker.  He has several different models.

    With that I believe I have taken enough of everyone's time.  I look forward to helping out any way that I can, but most importantly I look forward to learning from some of the greatest BBQ'ers in the world.

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    Welcome from SC. It' really good to have you on this great site.
  3. Welcome to SMF! Glad to have you aboard.

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