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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smoke12, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Hey everyone im smoke12 and im new to this site, im from northeast ohio i work for myself , friend and i have built a 300 gallon reverse flow smoker out of an old fuel oil storage tank i have used a few times 1st time i smoked baby backs turned out ok could use some work 2nd time smoke 2 whole chickens 2 fatties and baked beans 3rd time i cooked for inlaws 4th of july parry 6 whole chickens 2 fatties and 20 brats turned out pretty good but still getting to know my smoker
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    sory ment to post this with my original post
  3. looks nice butt to big for me.
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us ! Nice rig ! Thumbs Up
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  6. Hello and welcome to the forum from East Texas, What do you think the problem is, smoker, time, seasoning let us know and will try to help

    Gary S
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    Thanks and what I think the problem is , is that wood might not have been seasoned enough just seams like I have to add a lot of wood to keep temp up which I know it will but the wood wouldn't light up right away and the seasoning on ribs needs some work but that will come with time and experience everyone else like them I was just a little disappointed
  8. Welcome your smoker looks great.
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