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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by nitis, May 22, 2015.

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    Ok so I have visions of having about every type of outdoor cooking imaginable available to myself at my place last year I built a permanent deep pit for in the ground gunny sack cooking.  I want a nice Santa maria or argentina style grill that could have a rotisserie attachment and would totally dig a setup for brazilian style also.

    But my most recent focus has been centered on building a pizza oven and also a smoker constructed out of block and brick.

    Well they just dont give that stuff away these days so attack one at a time.  I have played with the idea of a combination but I just cant come up with a design that I like

    SO I am concentrating efforts on my smoker.  Something about the size of a refrigerator to do turkeys chickens ribs butts etc.

    Has anyone built or seen one using a pellet hopper?

    I plan to build the structure and also completely line with firebrick as to get the most insulation possible even for my mild northern california climate.

    My biggest concern with the pellet hopper I think is how much volume it can adequately heat.  I also would like to somehow comeup with a way for it to be a hybrid and work with stick burn also.  

    Any tips or ideas?
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  3. nitis

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    Yes I have been drooling over them for a few weeks now!  contacted dennis and he hadn't seen any block builds to date using his equipment.  But I will probably be ordering an 18" hopper when they come in I can always mod it to my old smoke vault for the time being

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