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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by patthebrewer, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Greetings from the Northeast! I'm a married, dad to four. I'm a small biz owner, Manasquan River Brewing LLC, I hand craft mash paddles for all grain brewing,  for homebrewers and professionals  (shamless plug[​IMG]).  I'm a Que fanatic, although I'm still what I consider to be a newb to smoking. I've been smoking for about fifteen years (on and off). I bought my first smoker 16 years ago ( a Brinkman horizontal) back when they were made in America of good steel. I gave it to my mother inlaw about 10 years ago, and switched to a gas grill. Just last year It was time to get a new grill,  and I decided I missed the flavor of good wood smoked Que. So clueless, I bought a new brinkman smok-n-pit. One year later it is completely rusted apart (Fire box literally fell of last time last time I smoked with it!), and would have been much sooner had it not been for my constant repainting. The ironic thing is the smoker that I gave my MIL is still in great shape despite having sat outside in the rain for the last 10 years, and being used as a flower planter. I could literally dump the flowers repaint it and put it back into service now. She won't part with it however[​IMG]  So I'm in the market for a new one, and doing research, to find one that will last.  Another one of my passions is brewing beer. I've been brewing for the last 17 years, and a member of the AHA. I love crafting beer to pair with food. I keg, and I currently have two on tap, a Bavarian hefeweizen, and a pre-prohibition American lager.

    This seems like a great place, with a bunch of great people, and I'm hoping to learn a lot.
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    Welcome Patthebrewer!  Glad you joined SMF.  Family, homebrew, and love of smoking/grilling, when's that party at your place?! 

    Have fun with the smoker shopping.  I'm a Weber guy but there are a bunch of great smokers out there to fit every budget.  Ask any questions you might have on anything you are considering because someone will be able to answer it. 

    Happy Smoking!
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    Welcome Patthebrewer I am up by the Meadowlands Lots of great info on here, I have just started using an electric produces some fine smoked dishes. Miss using wood an coal but still getting good taste. Hope you find what you need .

  4. Hello and welcome to the forum, Ahhhhhh    BBQ and Beer  what a combo.

    Gary S

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